Everything You Need To Know About SIRA Training [2024 Update]

Everything You Need To Know About SIRA Training [2024 Update]

sira training centre
sira training centre

Are you thinking of kickstarting a long-term security career in the UAE? Getting certification from an SIRA training centre is the first thing you must do. We had explained about it in our previous article which you can read right to get a brief idea. In this article, we are going to explain more about SIRA requirements, SIRA training fees and everything you need to know about it.

As explained in our article, SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority) is the regulatory body in Dubai whose primary purpose is to check whether private security firms, employees, etc are abiding by the law. If you want to work in the security sector or your business requires the need for security services, getting an SIRA license is mandatory. You will have to pay the required SIRA CCTV training fees at the time of training.

Learning about SIRA Training Centre Dubai

Earlier all activities related to security were handled by the Dubai Police Department’s protective system. However, all that changed in 2016 when SIRA was implemented by the government to monitor security and ensure the country is a haven for people. The policies of SIRA training centre are mandatory to be followed by all security organizations present in the country. Without a proper license issued by SIRA, no one is allowed to deploy security staff to carry out their responsibilities. Before enrolling for the training, it is important to know about the SIRA training fees in Dubai first.

As mentioned above, there are various SIRA training centre Dubai and SCTC (Security Cadre Training Centre) is one among them. So, what is SIRA training? It is a set of activities and tests that people must complete successfully to carry out security works for intended firms. Speaking of programs, they are offered with each one having different SIRA training fees, all related to safety and security.

Who Can Enrol For SIRA Training?

If you are into this, your first question would be how to apply for SIRA training. Normally this training is open to native people and citizens with residence visas and tourists. There are no additional requirements if you want to apply for a security permit. Regarding SIRA requirements, you can get a certificate in a couple of ways. If you are a visitor with a tourist visa can apply and get the certificate by undergoing training at an SIRA training centre company in Dubai.

The second way is doing it independently which can be tricky as the legal proceedings in the country are strict. Another thing to consider is the SIRA training fees which generally vary based on the specific training course chosen. Whichever security course you choose, the SIRA CCTV training fees must be paid at the SCTC office. 

For more details regarding the SIRA Dubai security training fees, contacting them is recommended.

What’s Covered In SIRA Training

When applying for SIRA training centre users must undergo specialized training and obtain certification to ensure they are qualified to perform their security duties. The training courses cover various aspects that include security, surveillance techniques, crowd control, and emergency response. 

Also, if you are wondering how long is SIRA training, the duration usually varies depending on the chosen program, with basic training taking a few days whereas specialised programs last several weeks. Once the training is complete and you obtain the certificate, it has a validity for two years after which it has to be renewed. To learn how to renew SIRA license and how much SIRA training fees have to be paid, you can check out their official website. Following the training, users must successfully clear three test categories which are namely:

Exercise Test

These tests are conducted to determine the physical health of the candidates and consist of five different sub-tests which are the beep test, jumping test, sled push, sled pull and sprinting.

Oral Assessment

This test evaluates your speaking and listening skills by asking questions. Through this test, the trainer will assess your character and key strength areas. 

Writing Exam

You won’t get your license from the SIRA training centre Dubai without completing the writing test. The user must answer 60% of the questions correctly to clear this test.

List Of SIRA Training Centres Dubai

Apart from the SCST, there are various other training centres approved by SIRA for training and are listed below for your reference:

  • Aman Security Training
  • First Security Group
  • CASS
  • International Centre for Security & Safety

Winding up

Obtaining a security license from a SIRA approved CCTV company is essential and a worthwhile investment for your future in Dubai. By applying to SIRA Training Centre Dubai, focusing on the training and clearing the aforementioned tests described above, you can start your successful security career without worries.


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