SIRA Certification For Self-Storage: A Complete Guide

SIRA Certification For Self-Storage: A Complete Guide

how to get sira certificate in dubai

The UAE, especially Dubai, has gone on to become a hub for companies. With an increase in the number of companies, the need for security is evolving. Many locals are looking to enter this industry, and they need to be well-versed in how to get SIRA certificate in Dubai.

What is a SIRA licence in Dubai?

In Dubai, SIRA is referred to as the Security Industry Regulation Authority. In 2016, the Dubai government implemented it to monitor security measures and ensure that Dubai is a safe city. Even so, it certifies individuals for jobs. Before SIRA, all these activities were managed by the Dubai Police Department’s protective system.

In short, the SIRA licence in Dubai is an approval stamp for security measures that you have implemented. For example, if your business provides a public service where the need for personal security arises, SIRA inspectors will inspect the facilities and site. If they deem things to be fit, they will provide you with a certificate. Considering its importance, there is a lot of importance attached to how to get  SIRA certificate in Dubai. Some of the responsibilities of this entity are

  • Providing licences to security companies and security guards
  • Enforce regulations along with guidelines.
  • Training security guards and exams
  • Penalizes individuals and entities violating their regulations.

What are the requirements for a SIRA licence?

You can apply for a SIRA licence and vocational course if you have a tourist visa. The certificate can be helpful in getting a job in the security industry. There is no need for any additional qualifications in order to apply for a job in the security industry. Even at your leisure, you can opt for entry-level security courses.

How to get  SIRA certificate in Dubai, you need relevant experience. For example, if you want to work as a CCTV operator or security manager, you have to have some first-hand security experience. Then only you will be allowed to apply for a SIRA licence. Some other requirements are

  • The person needs to fit into the security sector in the UAE.
  • The industry has an age bracket of 21 to 55.

How much does a SIRA licence cost in the UAE?

The SIRA certificate course varies depending on the training course that the person takes to obtain the licence. Below is a list of the common courses and their cost factors.

At the STC office, you need to pay for the STC training course. The following payment methods are available:

  • Bank deposit receipt
  • current-dated check
  • Debit and credit cards

SIRA licence in Dubai: how to obtain it

There are a couple of ways to get a SIRA certificate in Dubai. Firstly, the licence can be obtained without a valid visa. Visitors with tourist visas and resident visas can apply for this course and obtain the SIRA certificate in the UAE. You can undergo training and obtain a licence from the security company in Dubai.

The second way to get a SIRA licence is by doing it yourself. The legal process in the UAE is rigorous. Hence, working with business advisors with subject knowledge will aid in the application procedure. The following are the processes for opting for a SIRA certificate in the UAE:

  • If you are not familiar with the procedure, apply for a new user account.
  • Then register with your local email address.
  • In the E-Services system, submit the reports and electronically sign the form.
  • Pay using one of the methods that are mentioned on the page.
  • After finishing, review the application structure to determine whether or not you have provided the right information.

How can Purple Rock help you?

Purple Rocks will provide you with the much-needed support to obtain the licence in no time. They have the relevant expertise to put together the best security team for you to safeguard your interests and yourself. With Purple Rocks by your side, there is no need to worry about security, as they are known to take matters into their own hands.

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