SIRA-Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

SIRA-Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

sira approved cctv company in dubai

Purple Rock is a trusted SIRA-certified CCTV company based in Dubai, UAE.

We offer a wide variety of SIRA-approved CCTV security products and other cutting-edge CCTV technology systems. We are a SIRA-accredited CCTV consultant. Get in touch with us today!

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We Are a Leading SIRA-Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

We will send expert engineers to cater to your surveillance camera needs for your home, office, or business. Purple Rock SIRA-approved engineers evaluate and provide competitive quotes that are up to date with the latest SIRA rules and regulations. Our team of engineers will work with you and your security needs to install high-quality CCTV systems and perform the necessary maintenance.

We can help you in developing a custom camera surveillance system that suits your security needs and budget. Contact us today for any queries regarding our SIRA-approved camera systems and team or request a quote! We are here for all of your SIRA-certified security technology needs.

 We Have Our Own Team of Professional CCTV Installers

We have a team of licensed CCTV installers that comply with the topmost installation standards that we have developed throughout our years of experience in the industry. The Purple Rock team of professional engineers is recognized by SIRA and is qualified to install CCTV systems for both residences and companies. No matter which CCTV system you choose, everything is remotely accessible on everyday platforms (e.g., mobile phones, PC) and is made out of high-quality components fully equipped to produce high-definition (HD) streaming and video recording.

Our products are suitable for property and business owners in Dubai with various individual needs and budgets. We are the CCTV installers that offer tailor-fit solutions to meet your security needs.

  sira approved cctv company in dubai

Services provided by Purple Rock

  • Free Audit for existing CCTV system
  • SIRA inspection for new and existing CCTV Systems
  • SIRA NOC for new and existing CCTV Systems
  • Annual Maintenance contract for CCTV Systems
  • Alarm and Police Connectivity
  • Intruder alarm system and approvals
  • EGUARD installation and verifications
  • VIDEOGUARD installation and verifications
  • ANPR – Automatic Number plate readers
  • VMS – Video management Systems
  • SSD Layouts and approvals
  • SVG Layouts and approvals

sira approved cctv company in dubai

HD Analog Camera

Analog CCTV owners can now benefit from the latest technology that offers HD 1080p resolution with WDR while safeguarding their investment in existing cabling infrastructure.

hikvision IP Network Camera

IP Network Camera

IP cameras can now replace analog cameras equipped with HD 1080p resolution and WDR technology. A single network cable is all you need for power and signal transmission.

sira approved cctv company in dubai

Speed Dome Camera

The PTZ camera is a speed Dome camera that is designed with remote directional, zoom control, 360° pan, and 0° to 90° tilt view capabilities. This is the perfect camera for an all-around, 360° view.

sira approved cctv company in dubai

Cable Network

The cable network is made up of the cables that are connected from the back of all of the security cameras that make up a system to the central hub. The cable network will be made up of Cat 6 or RG-59 cables and our SIRA-approved engineers will determine what cables will best suit your security requirements.

Get in Touch With Purple Rock Security Today!

We can help you in developing a custom camera surveillance system that suits your security needs and budget. Contact us today for any queries regarding our SIRA-approved camera systems and team or request a quote! We are here for all of your SIRA-certified security technology needs.

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What does CCTV Stand For?

Known for security, closed-circuit television or CCTV is used for video surveillance and broadcasts are transmitted to a certain set of monitors also known as a system.

Why Are CCTV Cameras Important?

CCTV systems are a cost-effective way to deter criminal activity, collect evidence, monitor activity, and keep records of day-to-day life. Fight crime and ensure safety in your home, property, or workplace with the help of a SIRA-approved company in Dubai.

  • View a remote area or various remote areas at once
  • Safely monitor premises from one control room or platform
  • Provide evidence collected on CCTV systems to aid in police investigations
  • Catch criminals with security cameras
  • Monitor the interior and exterior of a property

What is SIRA and what is the SIRA Certification For?

Associated with the Dubai Police, SIRA or the Security Industry Regulatory Agency was established back in 2016 in order to implement international and high-quality safety and security practices. SIRA is tasked with protecting lives and properties by establishing rules and regulations for law enforcement training, security system installation, and facility inspection.

What are SIRA Rules and Regulations?

A company should be a SIRA-approved CCTV company in Dubai and adhere to the following rules and regulations which are the same for all SIRA-approved companies. Link to download the latest Preventative Systems Manual -Law 12 of year 2016 And By Law Regulation 1-2018

  • All cameras should be color cameras
  • Cameras are to remain visible as opposed to being hidden. In the event or instance that it is not possible for cameras to be visible, special approval must be obtained from SIRA
  • Cameras installed must be for security purposes and are manufactured to work for extended periods of time without interruption
  • Outdoor cameras should have at least an IP66 rating or must be placed in a container that is dedicated to surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras must not have a rating lower than IP66 and should be suitable for the Gulf environment (i.e., high temperatures, humidity, and dust)
  • For any camera facing a natural or artificial light source, directly facing or reflecting polished surfaces, it is required that the camera is a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera that has at least a 110 dB gain ratio or equivalent
  • For areas where lighting varies depending on the time, Auto Iris must be used
  • IR Cut Filter is required as well as the ability to self-switch to monochromatic night imaging when visible light disappears
  • Cameras that are installed at 4 meters or above must have the remote zoom and focus ability
  • Cameras with the audio microphone recording ability cannot be used unless permitted by SIRA
  • Only digital recording devices are permitted to be used
  • The devices must be able to perform the following three basic functions simultaneously: (1) live display; (2) recording, and (3) playback with the performance of any of the aforementioned functions neither impaired nor adversely affected
  • For every camera, the number of frames per second for the live display function must be at least 25 FPS
  • The copy feature should be provided for some or all of the recorded clips for any required period for either one camera, a set of cameras, or all of the cameras connected to a recording device and have the ability to convert recorded clips to standard storage media. The copy format must also be standard in order to be displayed via the standard player
  • The maximum period for the transmission of the recorded video to the standard medium must be at a ratio of 1/10 of the time of displaying the same recording at a normal speed
  • Effective and efficient search tools must be provided in order to quickly and simply access desired clips. This includes being able to search through a compound selection for both the date and time and being able to specify the cameras included in the search. The search results for all cameras included in the search criteria are to be displayed simultaneously. Fast and slow viewing, with progressive as well as reverse time directions, must also be provided
  • The continuous and non-continuous recording must be provided where non-continuous recording is associated with a specific event that includes a motion or signal from an external device (e.g., sensors or signal from an intruder’s detection system.) In the case of non-continuous recording, the device in use must be able to record the previous and subsequent scenes of an event by at least ten (10) seconds. These features must be available so that all of the cameras connected to the recording device are able to operate individually as well
  • The minimum recording setting video motion detection (VMD) is non-continuous and recording at a rate of at least 70% of the day, not less than 10 fps, and not less than 31 days per camera
  • The storage capacity of recording devices must be computed to meet the requirements for recording settings and have a 20% extra capacity
  • The device must accept additional external storage devices in order to increase total storage capacity
  • The device must be able to display the name of a camera in real time and showcase the date clearly without affecting the camera view. Preferably, the system should accept Arabic lettering. Additionally, the camera position name should clearly indicate the location of a camera without the vague or ambiguous use of symbols
  • The device must have an effective automatic self-recording feature when it shuts down for any reason (e.g., a mistake, servicing, maintenance, system fault, etc.) so that even after restarting and being shut down, no recording is lost
  • Only variable bit rate is to be enabled as the fixed bit rate is not acceptable
  • Upon SIRA request, Software Development Kit (SDK) must be made readily available and provided

Additionally, the device must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be compatible with ONVIF 2.0 standards
  • Must support live viewing through the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • Must support the Central Time feature (Network Time Protocol (NTP))
  • Must support the sending an alarm in the case of storage disk failure feature
  • Must support a warning feature when the hard drive is full and when the overwriting the data feature is not activated
  • Must support sending a status notification when the recording functionality is turned On and Off
  • Must support sending a status notification when changes are implemented in the recording schedule
  • Must support sending a warning notification in the case of an interruption or malfunction of the VSS camera
  • Must support sending a status notification in the case that a user logs into the device and provide the identification of the user
  • Must support sending a pulse signal that indicates that the device is running
  • Must be able to recognize and store on storage media that is compatible with the Windows operating system along with its various capacities
  • Recording files must be in standard formats which can be directly viewed on the multimedia player software that is available on the Windows operating system
  • In the case that the recording file formats for the system or factory settings are encrypted or non-standard, the software for viewing them must be offered and available on a standard Windows operating system
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