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Purple Rock is a high-quality IT network solutions company in Dubai that delivers exceptional managed network services and networking security, infrastructure and management solutions to help brands establish a fast, stable, secure communication network. We aim to bring technology into every industry and help you rank high in the competition.

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Purple Rock is one of the most prominent managed network services providers, headquartered in Dubai, UAE offering a broad array of IT networking solutions, including network infrastructure solutions, Network security solutions, and data networking solutions. Our main objective is to help small and large businesses reach their full potential and achieve their objectives in their niche market.

As an experienced and professional network solutions company, we have always put customers’ needs, preferences, and interests above everything else. Our customer-centric approach, deep knowledge of IT technological science, and state-of-the-art skills allow us to work with clients in Dubai and other cities and countries worldwide. 

Our IT networking solutions can help all enterprises, startups, and businesses achieve a new competitive advantage in the market. We proudly help your business devise a new science-backed strategy to ensure your business vision technological optimization. 

We have worked with numerous enterprises, startups, and businesses. Our professional IT team, years of hands-on experience, and customer-centricity have always been a surefire strategy to lead brands through various network infrastructure solutions.

IT networking solutions by Purple Rock, Dubai

Does your organization need IT networking solutions?

You can expect many different services and offers when you work with a network solutions company. But the most important point is understanding the benefits of each service for your specific business goals. Here are some of the services we provide in Purple Rock: 

Network Design & Configuration

Network design and configuration focuses on planning and designing communication networks by evaluating business priorities and technical requirements to achieve them. The core strategy of network design relies on a top-down approach and aims to establish a safe, reliable, and well-configured network. Network design and configuration are key to ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Network Installation & Maintenance

Network installation usually refers to selecting and strategically placing hardware and equipment required for a network or connecting devices. Network installation can be based on three basic network types: wired, Wi-Fi, and hybrid. Network maintenance includes all the necessary measures to keep a network up and running, including troubleshooting network issues or monitoring and optimizing the network’s performance

Network Security Services

Network Security Services (NSS) include measures to protect internal company infrastructures and connected devices from undesired access. Network Security Solutions include access control, software security, network analytics, firewall optimization, and VPN encryption. NSS solutions vary widely, from communication confidentiality and Integrity to threat identification and entity authentication.

Network Modernization & Optimization

Network modernization and optimization include comprehensive cross-functional measures to modernize IT infrastructure and processes in service to digital transformation (DX). The network modernization services cover all central aspects of your enterprise, from improving datasets to the wide area network (WAN) and more. This service is one of the most beneficial network infrastructure solutions that can accelerate business goals and streamline processes.

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Network Types we provide:

Networks are divided into six main categories based on size, connectivity, coverage, and design. Here’s a quick review:

Personal Area Network (PAN)

A personal area network (PAN) is the smallest and simplest type of network that connects electronic devices within a user’s immediate area. PANs coverage is no broader than about 10 meters (m), and it is not recommended for large businesses and enterprises that need a unified network solution. 

Local Area Network (LAN)

A local area network (LAN) is a networking system for connecting computers and other devices. LANs have relatively higher coverage than PANs, ranging from a few meters to hundreds of meters depending on the equipment, hardware, and physical location of the system. LAN is a good option for homes and small working environments.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A wide area network (WAN) is a telecommunications network with the most expensive type of computer network configuration. WAN is an excellent choice for businesses with multiple cross-border branches. This telecommunications network allows users in each organization access to the same databases, files, and reports, and can communicate more effectively.


Intranet and Extranet are two common types of computer networks. An intranet is a private – internal – business network used to establish communication among employees, share information, and collaborate. An extranet is used for sending emails, accessing data, tracking orders, and communicating with selected business partners, suppliers and customers.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) creates a private network overlay across an existing public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public platforms. This type of network enjoys relatively higher functionality and security. A virtual private network allows users to manage their private network more effectively. 

Client/Server Network

A client-server network is another type of network that includes a single central computer functioning as a server and directing several other computers as clients. DNS (Domain Name Systems), web browsers and servers, and FTP (file transfer protocol) are common examples of client-server network.

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Our Purple Rock experts have years of experience helping clients with complete IT networking solutions in the UAE. We pride ourselves on being a top-level managed network services provider offering high-level performance at an affordable price for all small and large companies. Just get in touch, and let’s get started!

Why Choose Purple Rock IT Networking Solutions in Dubai? 

We’re in the business of providing proven, effective services that get results, not chasing revenue at any cost. We offer IT networking solutions using a team of experts who put quality above all else. What’s best is that this comes with a sensible price tag.

Our Approach

Our relationship with your company allows you access to our professional consultants, who are educated in offering IT networking solutions and network security solutions and deeply understand what you need. This collaboration will enable you to grow into a high-performing, cost-efficient, modern company. Also, we collaborate with our clients to find innovative operational strategies that use market-available technologies and operating models to boost performance while reducing costs. Through this relationship, we achieve a cheaper cost of ownership and boost quality.

Better Client Service

We are a dedicated managed network services provider providing network infrastructure solutions and Network Security Solutions that go above and beyond what is anticipated. In various sectors, we concentrate on the demands and objectives of our customers. Our clients continue to do business with us because we value the trust and build lasting partnerships. Our engineers are professional, committed, and knowledgeable, and they will be eager to answer all of your questions.

Business Expertise

Since we know how important our employees are to the success of our company, we only select the most intelligent, devoted candidates for Purple Rock. We exclusively work with seasoned, qualified professionals that have years of experience. As the best network solutions company, we often provide ongoing training programs to our experts so they may keep up to date with the newest technologies.

Greater uptime

It is impossible to quantify the effects of downtime on your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. We know that, and that’s why with our services in IT networking, companies can allow customers to access them and their website with a single click without encountering roadblocks that will prevent them from making purchases and keep them from promoting their products.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Managed network services providers offer a wide range of services, from data networking solutions and Network Security Solutions to IT infrastructure optimization, network modernization and improvement, and Network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Network management companies deliver valuable resources and help you establish a comprehensive network to minimize downtime, slow transmission, and faulty lines of interaction. Network services also improve your online security and data privacy. 

Weak Wi-Fi signal, slow or jammed networks, physical obstructions, excessive CPU usage, slow DNS lookups, sudden hardware failure, power loss, traffic spikes, and out-of-band management are the most common network problems. If you face any of these problems, you can contact managed network services providers and ask for help.

A network solution requires working with multiple businesses specialized in various areas like email marketing, web hosting, network security solutions, online security, and other services. If you need to focus more on optimizing network hardware and software, contact a network solutions company like Purple Rock to guide you.

Generally speaking, most IT networking solutions and telecom network solutions can help start-up businesses become resilient against market changes and potential communication threats. Network design and configuration, for example, can be a good start.

High-performance networks (HPNs) are solutions offered by network management companies that consistently deliver high-quality and low-cost communication services.

Small businesses can use a local area network (LAN) or Wireless local area network (WLAN) to optimize the networks and save money.

Large businesses must consult with managed network services providers to find a customized solution. That said, most large businesses can enjoy the flexibility and accessibility of a WAN or wide area network.

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