Decoding Cybersecurity Giants: Analysing Cisco Vs Fortinet Market Share For Your Digital Defense

Decoding Cybersecurity Giants: Analysing Cisco Vs Fortinet Market Share For Your Digital Defense



A comparison of Fortinet vs Cisco presents an interesting reading altogether. The reviews along with ratings are on anticipated lines. In the midst of this, you need to figure out your product capabilities, customer experience, positives or negatives and an overview of your organization to understand what best suits your needs.

The ratings & comparison about Fortinet vs Cisco

In the first stage a comparison of Fortinet vs Cisco we focus on the latter. Starting off Cisco secure firewalls are at the border and when it comes to PCI. Such firewalls go beyond the needs of a smaller organization with a robust management interface. The expensive firewall operating system and in-built security features tend to be responsive throughout.

The things to admire about the product

Most of the IT staff enjoy the firewall operating features found with CISCO. There is nothing networking-wise or in terms of security that cannot be done with a CISCO firewall. Even the Cisco TAC support is something that needs to be appreciated. It provides us with the much-needed flexibility on whether we are keen to be implementing a logical network. The security features that are purchased along the firewall would be safe in keeping the customers and employees safe during the networks.

People end up purchasing CISCO Firepower 2130 Secure Firewall that extends support to 10 GB throughout. At this range, the firewalls tend to get a tinge pricey, but they are within the pricing ranges of similar features provided by other vendors. Even the management

console can be tinge overwhelming as there are a series of options that are available with the CISCO firewall. Most of them tend to be available with the admin console and it is difficult to find what you are looking for. The CISCO secure firewalls tend to keep us secure from the outside and within the organization is expected to provide you with fast routing. The general perception of the people towards this firewall is that they would be continuing to use it in the future.

The things to work upon the firewall are that the classification of content is not up to the mark. Even the reports seem to the granular and the user interface requires a series of improvements.

Fortinet and their general review

Continuing with our comparison of Cisco vs Fortinet we will evaluate the latter. They are considered to be the Swiss army of firewalls combined with the best of CLI and GUI. People have been using this firewall for a considerable period of time starting from FortiGate 5.2 to FortiGate 7.4 x as during this point of time it has seen a shift from FW to a real security device. In most cases, FWs are being used in an active passive set-up that is being used for upgrading clusters.

The VPN with lots of configuration and install issues is something to really admire. Though VPN requires a tinge of local configuration to make it work remote deployment is something that is not possible. The product seems to be fine, and capable of funding IT infra very well. There are a lot of security features that aim to filter malicious traffic. In the midst of this, the performance seems to be really good. Fortinet firewall model is a next-generation security solution that provides advanced firewall features.

The thing that the users do not like is the process of simple installation. For logging services, it requires more improvement.

So this includes an overview of cisco vs Fortinet and the onus is on you to decide which one that you intend to choose.


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