Cisco Firepower Vs. Fortinet FortiGate: How To Choose?

Cisco Firepower Vs. Fortinet FortiGate: How To Choose?

cisco firewall vs fortinet

Any organization’s network security is built on a firewall. Their utility is to create a secure barrier between networks and analyze both external and internal traffic. Cisco Firewall vs. Fortinet advocates that they are two powerful security mechanisms, and both firms provide products with varying qualities. Though most of them have the same capabilities, a comparison of Fortinet vs Cisco’s firepower suggests that there is a difference between the two. Let us understand them in detail to figure out which is the right choice.

The features of Cisco Firepower

  • It is simple to integrate Cisco ASA with other Cisco products. Even if you do not understand, it is easy to operate the Cisco ecosystem. When you compare Fortinet vs. Cisco Firepower is a major advantage. Better visibility and control are provided by Cisco ASA, which also incorporates the Firepower Engine and traffic inspection.
  • It also provides comprehensive information, threat monitoring, and traffic control. An evaluation of CiscoFirewall vs. Fortinet indicates that Cisco ASA offers excellent encryption along with multi-factor authentication capabilities. For this reason, it is ideally suited for a work-from-home experience.
  • Virus protection and IPS are two popular features of Cisco Firepower. An evaluation of the Cisco Firewall vs. Fortinet indicates that the former provides security features like intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and inspection. In most cases, it is operational as a strong firewall.

The features of Fortinet FortiGate

  •  The best thing about FortiGate is that it can be used in the cloud or on-premises. Not only is it consistent, but it is a solid and reliable platform. The entire network can be managed from a single interface. As a result, you do not have to switch back and forth like some of the other solutions.
  • Fortinet firewalls have access point functionality mapped on to them. Hence, no extra devices are necessary. FortiGate has excellent built-in filtering capabilities, and the VPN is a useful feature. It also becomes easy to set up a site-to-site VPN. If you compare Cisco Firepower vs. Fortinet for remote workers, the latter turns out to be an excellent choice. Even the IPS intrusion system and antivirus contribute to the reliability and stability of Fortinet.

The differences between Cisco Firewall and Fortinet

The primary distinction between Cisco vs Fortinet firewall is that Cisco is renowned for offering uniform security policies, visibility, and a customizable approach. Fortinet provides scalable performance in next-generation firewalls and is able to address recent threats and trends.


  1. Intrusion protection and AMP, along with application awareness, are the notable characteristics of Cisco Firepower.
  2.  On the other hand, the significant features of Fortinet are its easy integration into larger networks like RIP, BGP, etc. 
  3. In the case of Cisco, both active and inactive users are tracked using a straightforward user interface. Even so, it facilitates communication among the network devices.
  4.  Fortinet FortiGate includes virtual firewalls and the ability to identify zero-day vulnerabilities.


  1. The drawback of the Cisco firewall is that it has an impact on the CPU as recovery, downtime, and performance can be enhanced. 
  2. By using field processing, content validation is done, which leads to a network delay. 
  3. With FortiGate, the user boundary is complicated and unclear, as there is no zero-trust solution.

To conclude, Cisco vs. Fortinet has its own pros and cons. Both of them are known to be among the two most popular security businesses in the world. Both organizations adopt a variety of approaches or features in their goods, along with numerous solutions. For instance, Cisco Firepower permits custom rules but is not user-friendly. The majority of custom rules are supported by Fortinet, which is more sophisticated.

Take into consideration that both are excellent choices with definite advantages. A comparison between both of them is not a competition in any way. Based on your actual requirements, you should arrive at a decision.

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