The Latest Fortinet Next-Generation Firewall Models Explained

The Latest Fortinet Next-Generation Firewall Models Explained

fortinet firewall models

In the domain of cyber-security for the last 20 years, Fortinet has been the driving force. Central to the industry, Fortinet firewall models are the most deployed, validated, and patented firewalls. With performance numbers showing a steady rise, it is no longer a secret that Fortinet is the number one firewall in the world. It also serves as a central component of the security platform and converged network available today. Some of the popular Fortinet next-generation firewalls are as follows

  • Perimeter 81 FWaas– it is part of a cloud network solution offering new solutions for customized strategy. By using the system, you may develop an SD-WAN. Large businesses could benefit from this firewall as it enables the protection of networks on multiple sites.
  • Fortinet FortiGate– it falls into the category of next-generation firewalls that includes intrusion detection that automatically detects attacks. Traditionally it has always been delivered as a network appliance. Through the management console users are able to manage the network settings.
  • Juniper Networks SRX series– it is a range of firewalls along with SD-WAN solutions designed for private, public and hybrid cloud environments. It is incorporated with an ML next-generation firewall and implements traffic shaping.
  • Barracuda CloudGen Firewall series– it is the next-generation firewall with SD-WAN and traffic management. If the system detects any suspicious activity it responds with an automatic quarantine to control the problem.

FortiGate’s next-generation firewall platform and their features

Cloud application visibility is automatically provided by FortiGate’s next-generation firewall platform. Utilising an enterprise network’s end-to-end topology view, IoT devices are automatically found. It is an integral aspect of the Fortinet security network and protects the network from unknown or known attacks.

  • entire security modules across the full network
  • The security is top-rated and validated by third parties.
  • For additional protection, internal segmentation and firewall deployment
  • Centralised management across virtual, physical, and cloud environments
  • The best price coupled with quality performance
  • Cloud readiness and integration with the public cloud

The Fortinet firewall models advocate in-built security processors along with threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard Labs. They provide the best performance and ensure top-rated protection that includes an encrypted form of traffic. Fortinet firewalls reduce complexity with automated visibility into applications or networks. It is known to provide security ratings to assist in achieving and adopting the best security practices.

Being an integral part of the next-generation Fortinet Firewall models, it is able to communicate a comprehensive security protocol in a multi-facet environment. Not only does it share threat intelligence, but it also improves security posture. The award-winning platforms of Fortinet provide end-to-end security across the entire network. Some of the features of Fortinet’s next-generation firewall platform are as follows:

  • The FortiGate NGFW dashboard is easy to use.
  • User creation for management is an easy task, and it can be developed based on the needs of an organisation.
  • The policies can be tailored to the needs of the users and are simple to develop.
  • It provides more visibility and control features.

To conclude, the latest Fortinet next-generation firewalls provide complete visibility over your network. Due to the amazing features associated with FortiGate, the administrator has more control over the network.

Experts are of the opinion that it is the best firewall that is available on the market. The product is embedded with a lot of functionalities and features that reduce risk levels in an organization. Some of the features are email security, URL filtering, and app monitoring, which help detect and block any form of vulnerability. Even the management of the firewall is easy, and it does not require a large team for its administration. In addition, the GUI is user-friendly and monitoring the traffic flow is a straightforward task.

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