Stay Secure In The Gulf With AI Integrated Fortinet Firewall Models

Stay Secure In The Gulf With AI Integrated Fortinet Firewall Models

Stay Secure in the Gulf with AI Integrated Fortinet Firewall Models

Networks continue to transform from traditional hub and spoke architectures to hybrid IT, till one thing has gone on to remain the same. The data centre is integral to a modern enterprise. It is known to support a network of applications, devices and uses that can be complex to secure in relation to the volume of network traffic. Coming to the next generation Fortinet firewall models the data centre has to be secure that provides high-performance capabilities with comprehensive threat and coordination across the entire enterprise. With the rise of sustainability goals, it has to be undertaken in a cost-efficient manner.

The new Fortinet 3200 F and 900 G were purpose-built to address those needs. Both of them combine Fortinet-powered security devices with unmatched performance in protecting data centres from advanced threats. This along with the other Fortinet NGFWs supports unified and centralized management in protecting hybrid end-to-end with a hybrid mesh firewall.

Gone are the days where a single on–premises was used to protect the entire firewall. With the rise of hybrid networks organizations have gone on to deploy NGFWs to address different environments like the cloud and OT. This operates in a silo that provides an opportunity for the cyber-criminals to exploit. Experts are of the view that by 2026, 60 % of organizations would be having more than a single firewall deployment that will be leading to the adoption of a hybrid mesh firewall.

Data centre ready performance and AI-powered security

FortiGate 3200 F series is hyper-built for hyperscale data centres. This means that you can scale your sustainable data centre based on your business needs. FortiGate 900. G series is setting up a new industry standard where it delivers a data centre ready performance in a compact IU form factor.

For the IT decision-makers energy efficiency happens to be on top of the agenda. A few of the FortiGate firewall models tend to be more energy efficient than the industry averages. On the other hand FortiGate 9000 is up to 6.6 more energy efficient that delivers unmatched performance at a low energy consumption rate.

FortiGate 3200 F and FortiGate 9000 G vs competitors

FortiGate 3200 series Security computer rating



FortiGate 9000 G series Security computer rating

  • FortiGate 3200 F and 9000 G threat protection performance is measured with Firewall, Malware protection, application control and logging-enabled.
  • The number of competitive solutions is based on publicly available resources. The different vendors could have other testing methodologies.
  • The maximum power consumption is used to extract all power consumption figures from hardware system guidelines and external data sheets.

Recurring industry recognition for Fortinet and FortiGate

The comprehensive security services and exceptional performance of FortiGate 3200 F and 9000 G extend to the entire FortiGate NGFW family. By various analysts, Fortinet has been recognized. Even it has gone on to gain ratings from an independent technology firm.

Based on the latest 2023 Enterprise Firewalls report, FortiGate earned AAA ratings across all testing categories along with a security effectiveness score of 99. 88 %. The report showcases that Fortinet firewall models offer the highest ROI among the various firewall vendors. It is a testimony to the innovative engineering or performance benefits of various products.

A new way to protect hybrid IT

In an era where organizations encounter various cyber threats, the FortiGate 3200 F and 9000 G turned out to be a popular choice when it comes to securing network infrastructure and beyond. With unified and centralized management in a hybrid mesh firewall solution the need of the hour is robust Fortinet firewall models. It leads to unmatched energy efficiency and unmatched performance, both these appliances empower organizations in thinking proactively about their valuable assets while continuing recurring operations.

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