SIRA Certification In Dubai: Unveiling Training Fees, Essential Requirements, And Qualifications

SIRA Certification In Dubai: Unveiling Training Fees, Essential Requirements, And Qualifications

SIRA Certification in Dubai Unveiling Training Fees, Essential Requirements, and Qualifications


The UAE particularly Dubai has become the growing hub for companies. Due to the constant rise in the number of businesses, the need for security is higher than before. For this reason, many Emiratis are looking forward to the security industry and SIRA training fees are an important component.

Who is eligible and required to undertake SIRA training?

Currently a SIRA license is mandatory to have an office in Dubai. They are expected to provide you with a professional security guard certification that has to be completed within a week of training. The security guards in other parts of the UAE need to obtain a PSCOD license, as the SIRA training fees are only applicable to Dubai.

The license is not subject to any form of visa restrictions. Even the course is open to people who have residence visas along with visitors and travellers. Though there is no upper age restriction in terms of participation a participant has to be physically and mentally fit. In the UAE the age bracket for becoming a security guard is in the bracket of 21 years to 55 years.

The requirements for a SIRA license

Even if you have a tourist visa you may apply for SIRA and vocational courses. Hence it is useful for obtaining a certificate course in your industry. In the security industry, you do not require any additional qualifications to apply.

But if you want to apply for an advanced SIRA license then the necessary experience has to be there. Putting things before SIRA training fees you need to work as a security guard, security manager, or CCTV operator. Then only you will be allowed to apply for an SIRA license. if you do not require an advanced level certificate you can choose an entry-level license. However, you need to consider your visa type before you submit an application for the license.

How to apply for SIRA training

After paying SIRA training fees there are a couple of ways by which you can start the training modules.

The security firm will send you instructions

You can be hired by a security company in Dubai or from your home nation. In short after paying the SIRA certificate fees the company will register you for the training. The onus is on you to attend and complete the training. The candidates take the training and are part of the SCTC.

Obtain training at your own end

The second option is to go independent and take training on your own. By showing up at the SIRA military academy you can opt for training. You have to agree to the instruction appointment and show up at the meeting. Hence you will be able to apply for the security guard certification in Dubai after you complete the training.

The process to apply a SIRA certificate training in the UAE are as follows:

  • If the process is new you need to submit an application with a new account.
  • While registering enter your email account.
  • You need to upload the reports and digitally sign the form using the e-services system.
  • Any of the payment options can be available on the page to complete the transaction after that.
  • After it is done check out the SIRA application form to check that you have provided the right information.

What are the procedures followed during the SIRA training

Following the training, the students need to pass a series of exams.

Exercise test

There are detailed physical examinations that are available to determine whether a person is fit or healthy to execute duty at any time of the day or based on scenarios.

  • Beep test- this is a test that measures the aerobic fitness of an individual. So as to return to the original location on the beep sound a candidate needs to transverse the 20 meter longer distance. Nearly 32 seconds are possible in total.
  • Jumping test- the contestant has to clear 1.7 meter in a jumping test. To pass this test you need to clear 6 to 7 bars. This part of the SIRA training module is straight forward. Without any problems, you can perform a straightforward practice before you engage in training.
  • Sled push- this test requires a candidate to move a sledge from one location to another while doing it in 4 seconds as it has to be ten meters apart.
  • Sled pull- they are the opposites of sled pushes. In six seconds, you need to bring back the sled by 5 metres.
  • Sprinting exam- 35 metres in 6 seconds has to be completed in order to pass the exam.

Written exam

To receive the SIRA CCTV license you need to respond to the questions of the exam in a specific format. Most questions are based on the topics that you covered during the course. At the same time, you need to properly answer 60 % of the questions in order to pass the exams.

Oral assessment

Your speaking and listening skills are important to be exclusively evaluated by the teacher who teaches in the class. Hence it is better to talk properly and communicate with the instructor. Once you are engaging with the general public each security officer should be balanced and assured. The trainer assesses your strength along with zones of strength as your team.

After completion of the entire SIRA training fees, you will be handed out a certificate of completion and a Sira permit Dubai. For all those who are looking to work as a security in Dubai, security officers in Dubai will be an apt choice. Hene if you are proficient it will allow you to excel in the field as Sira teaches you to become a competent guard.


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