Here Are 7 Steps To Configure Your CISCO Router

Here Are 7 Steps To Configure Your CISCO Router

steps to configure cisco router
steps to configure cisco router

A lack of a stable internet connection and the router set-up experience turns out to be frustrating.  How to configure router and a simple step to follow is connecting the computer to the gateway device or modem supplied by an ISP. There is another step that will save a lot of effort when it comes to setup Cisco router. You need to watch out for slips or documents containing important piece of information. This may include the router’s username along with the password.

The IT network solutions have a series of router manufacturers who provide mobile apps or web dashboards that are for management and set-up. If you have a smartphone there is no need to connect the router to the computer and configure it. Just you have to check out the documentation that came along with the router. The setup Cisco router becomes an easy task. If the router has antennas and it is separate from the router box there may arise a need to install them. Before you decide on how to configure CISCO router step by step there is a need to extend the antennas.

The steps to configure CISCO router

Below are the steps to configure CISCO router

Figure out the place where you will place the router

The best location to place a wireless router is an open area of your room since you will benefit from the coverage. However, this may not always turn out to be the case as there is a need to connect the router to a broadband gateway from your ISP. All this is attached to the cable near an outside wall.

Connection to the Internet

One of the important steps to configure CISCO router. One of the issues in solving the long-distance problem is using a CAT6 cable. There is another option where you may install a mesh network with a user. Irrespective of whatever option you end up choosing there is a need for an Ethernet cable. Check the router has a network connection where you plug in a laptop computer into one of the back points of the router

Configuration of the wireless router gateway

In a few cases, the ISP offers gateways with in-built routers. These combined devices are not ideal for business environments as they do not have extra ports or security features. The possibility of expansion is a bare minimum once the business grows. Steps to configure CISCO router has to be taken as you may end up with devices that do not work properly. In this regard, you may have to get in touch with ISP for help in a step by step away.

The gateway has to be connected to the router

There is a need to turn off the router before you set up the CISCO router. If an ethernet cable is plugged into a LAN unplug the cable and plug it into the router’s WAN port. You should turn the gateway back on and wait a few seconds for it to boot up. Hence you may plug in the power supply of the router and after a few minutes turn it on.

Use web or app dashboard

An easy on how to configure CISCO router step by step is resorting to the use of a mobile app. If there is no app you may use the router’s web-based dashboard and connect the router to the computer via an Ethernet cable. The address of the router will be printed on the backside of the device itself.

Creation of a user name and a dashboard

To set up Cisco router you need to log in and opt for the default admin name with a password. This information in printed on the router or the accompanying user manual. After that, you need to zero in on the necessary credentials. After that, there is a need to create a username along with a password.

The router’s firmware is to be updated

A router as part of the process on how to set up configure router may require an update of the firmware or software. You should update it as soon as possible as it may provide bugs or new security protections. A few of the routers may have downloaded firmware automatically but a few of them do not. Through the browser or app interface, there is a need to check out the updates.

Creation of a WI- FI password

Most of the routers emerge with their usernames and passwords But as part of the steps to configure CISCO router, you may set up your username and password.  In most of cases you will get a prompt to change the user’s name and password, but if this is not the case also change it quickly.

When possible, set up auto-configuration tools

If the router is equipped with auto-install features rely on them for a complete set-up. It becomes easy to set up CISCO router with the aid of these tools. The reason is that it enables you to manage IP addresses with DHCP which automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. These are addresses that can be changed later

Setting up security

Many manufacturers of routers, provide functionality in safeguarding network and user privacy. It is suggested that you log into the dashboard and enable a series of additional features like firewall web filtering. In our comparison of Fortinet vs cisco, this turns out to be one of the popular features. For privacy you may also set up VPN networks.

To conclude these are a series of steps that will provide you with insights on how to configure Router. Once you follow these steps the task of setting up a router becomes an easy task. For such information, you can connect with Purple Rock, one of the best IT network solution provider in Dubai, UAE.


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