All about SIRA Certification for DMCC Companies

All about SIRA Certification for DMCC Companies

What is SIRA certification?

SIRA (the Security Industry Regulatory Agency) is a government agency in Dubai that oversees and monitors all types of installations and approves if they are of the highest standard. Once you know how to apply for SIRA licence in Dubai and comply with the formalities, security arrangements are taken care of.

What is SIRA certification?

SIRA is known as the Security Industry Regulatory Agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2016, the Dubai government introduced it to monitor security arrangements. An understanding of what is SIRA licence ensures Dubai is a safe city and the right people are there for security duties. Before SIRA, it was the Department of Protective Systems of Dubai Police that used to manage all these duties.

In short, SIRA certification is actually the approval of security arrangements that have been made for you. If you happen to be a company providing security services, then your services or installation will be checked by SIRA inspectors. If they find it appropriate, then they will give a thumbs up on how to get SIRA licence in Dubai. If you are looking to run a security company in Dubai, whether it be IT security installation or security guards, you will require this certificate.

In the process on how to get SIRA licence, you have to undergo a hectic process and security check. Even video surveillance and CCTV installation also need to be certified by SIRA. Every activity requires a different form of certification. Different types of documents may be required, and frequent visits may be necessary. In order to avoid this activity, a SIRA certificate at an affordable price is necessary. 

What are the requirements for SIRA?

How to apply for SIRA licence is an easy process. Even if you have a tourist visa, you can apply for SIRA and vocational courses. Hence, this certificate can be useful for a job search in this industry. There is no need for any form of additional qualification if you are applying for a job in the industry. The entry-level courses can be taken at your own leisure.

But if you are planning how to renew SIRA licence, then you should possess the necessary experience. In another way, if you want to work as a security guard, security manager, or CCTV operator, you need to possess some form of experience. Then only you will be allowed how to get SIRA licence in Dubai.

An example is security consultants, who need a security guide certificate and should have 10 years of experience in the domain. The security guards require a firefighting or course certificate, and it is the certificate for dealing with special needs. With security, managers require five years of experience in business or security courses in a particular niche.

Even if you do not want an advanced-level certificate, you can choose entry-level courses. The person has to be fit in order to work in the security sector in Dubai. Even the industry has an age restriction of 10 to 55 years as well. In short, you can apply for a SIRA licence if you are fit, fine, healthy, and within the age limits. Before submitting a licencing application, be sure to take your visa type into account. 

How long is the SIRA certificate valid?

The SIRA certificate is valid for one year. After that, there are several companies that lend their expertise in guiding you on how to renew SIRA licence in Dubai. A grace period is provided by SIRA during which they can get the licence renewed.

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