Why is Security Awareness Training important for an Organization?

Why is Security Awareness Training important for an Organization?

security awareness training

In the current digital era, a growing number of daily activities have moved online. Since many activities are now done online, we are more dependent than ever on cyber security.

Cybercriminals can wreak havoc in our personal and professional life. An increase in the use of mobile devices has opened up opportunities for cybercriminals. Why security awareness training is important in an organization is that it keeps the devices safe and secure.

What is cyber security awareness?

Human links are still the weakest link in the organizational digital security system. People make errors, forget information, and become victims of deceptive tactics. At this juncture, security awareness training comes into consideration.

This would involve the process of educating the employees about the different cyber-security risks and threats out there along with potential weak spots. Employees need to be aware of the best practices, or procedures for keeping networks and data secure. The consequences may include someone losing out on one’s job, or causing importable harm to the company.

Cybersecurity experts can address this possible weakness by educating personnel about the risks and highlighting the value of why security awareness training is important in an organization?

What are the benefits of cyber security awareness training?

A staff who undergoes security awareness training, Poses less risk to the overall security of an organizational digital network. Fewer risks mean fewer losses due to cybercrime. Hence a company that forces why security awareness training is important will reap the dividends. In other words, it will reduce the possibility that a security breach has occurred as a critical employee has not worked the entire day.

Eventually, a company that has staff undergoing security awareness training will have a better reputation with customers, since they are reluctant to do business with an untrustworthy organization. A business that is constantly prone to security breaches is likely to lose out on customers due to negative publicity regardless of the impact of any type of breach.

The reasons why security awareness training is important

Security awareness training is crucial because it shields a company from cyberattacks that expose data. The main focus is to prevent such incidents that may lead to loss of brand reputation or financial loss.

The latest report on the cost of data loss by the leading organizations stated that an average loss for IT companies was USD 4.2 million for every incident. In the current year, the number of cyber attacks continues to grow. Research indicates that 95 % of errors occur due to human faults. For these reasons protecting the information of an organization becomes the topmost security. This can be constantly implemented by ensuring there is constant awareness and education of workers to identify errors and risk mitigation in an organization.

To conclude the chief security officer along with the team members is responsible for drafting a security program. The contributors to the program who are at significant risk and the strategy must align to the requirement.

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