Let’s Decode: What Is The Difference Between PAM Security And PIM Security?

Let’s Decode: What Is The Difference Between PAM Security And PIM Security?


The IT environment needs security and we have come a long way in the last few years but new inventions convince us that we’ve just begun our journey to attain foremost security online. PIM vs PAM security are different ways to ensure your company is secure and there are no data breaches including highly sensitive ones; as most of the time mistakes made by people and systems are beyond trace providing adverse effects. You might have heard of PIM vs PAM vs IAM among IT administrators and wonder about their role in cybersecurity.

Your company’s systems, applications, and platforms comprise privileged access by certain employees and it can knowingly and unknowingly cause data breaches if not operated cautiously. Therefore, adding additional security with PAM vs PIM saves you from loss of reputation for your brand and legal or technical costs. We will deep delve into both PAM and PIM concepts and why do we need privileged access management in the first place.


IAM, secure systems has been a common way enterprises have employed for decades. Identity access management is quintessential for cybersecurity, PIM vs PAM are part of IAM. Every resource of your company is used under PIM and PAM for access management. Both PIM and PAM security measures focus on privileged access and secure your sensitive, most esoteric information with the least privilege rule. 

What is PAM Privileged Access Management?

What is PAM Privileged Access Management is a question that you can unveil. It is a secure set of IT security management principles used to secure privileged access or special permissions given by the enterprise to access a multitude of resources across systems, applications, and platforms. PAM hinders IT sabotages from former employees or current employees by accessing special user accounts within your company. 

The IT system access, PAM helps users make changes and amendments by giving special access to your company’s resources. These amendments comprise changing server settings, retrieving resources, accessing business data systems, installation of programs, and running critical applications. Indeed, every company must contemplate what is PAM Privileged Access Management’ to apply within the organization. 

What is Privileged Identity Management?

PIM vs PAM vs IAM deals with privileged user access to the IT infrastructure network. System administrators and other IT heads are privileged users who use PIM to secure all resources of the enterprise against cyber threats. You need not confuse PIM and PAM and ask yourself what is privileged identity management as you can clearly define the differences. 

PAM or Privileged Identity Management is a way that is used to monitor, control, and configure access to a particular resource. Special accounts need to be accessed and monitored as the data can be leaked through the credentials of accounts. 

PIM employs the best policies, intricate rules, and regulations for privileged access. A network administrator can monitor, access special accounts, and deny or approve the given access if anything suspicious occurs. Being a business owner, you can ponder what is privileged identity management and apply the above-mentioned key points in your IT environment. 

PIM and PAM Comparison

The most common feature is that both PIM and PAM are cybersecurity approaches at the same time using the principle of least privilege. Why do we need a Privileged identity management question easily answered with the bullet points below? 


  • Protect resources of the company within the organization
  • Deals with securing existing privileged access
  • Provides genuine authentication measures
  • All resources and access are monitored


  • Protect resources of the company outside organization
  • Deals with resources and their management and administration
  • Strong and multilayered security through password vaulting
  • Applications and resources accessed limiting the number of people

Winding up

PIM and PAM comparison will not help you choose the best for your enterprise. Rather than comparing the benefits and differences of technologies, you can embrace both principles for multi-layered cybersecurity to avoid cyber attacks within the company or on the outside. 

In the context of sophisticated cyber attacks, you need to think “Why do we need privileged access management” for secure business information? Understanding, implementing, and mastering PAM and PIM are attainable goals with network security solution services in Dubai.


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