What Is A Structured Wiring And Cabling System?

What Is A Structured Wiring And Cabling System?

structured cabling system

In the cable world, the term structured cabling system gets thrown around often. People often use it as a buzzword, but what is the exact definition of a structured wiring system? Structured cabling is described by the fibre optic association as a voluntary standard used by manufacturers to assure interoperability for communications cabling that is specified by the EIA/TIA TR 42 committee.

The simple definition of a structured cabling system

A structured cabling system is defined as a campus or building cabling infrastructure that consists of structured cable solutions. A network cabling system that has been correctly designed and deployed offers a cable architecture that offers predictable performance. It is adaptable enough to allow for transfers, augmentations, and modifications. The structured wiring system usability is future-proofed, its availability is maximized, and redundancy is offered.

The definition gives you a concise idea of what structured wiring is and its components.

What does a structured cabling system look like?

The word organisation is important when it comes to structured cabling systems. It is an organized approach to cabling infrastructure. To properly grasp the idea, it may seem counterintuitive, but it is best to consider what structured wiring does not include. The method of cabling that is employed in many data centres is known as point-to-point. Patch cables are run directly to and from the gear that needs connectivity using this technique.

In a structured cabling system, a series of patch panels and trunks are used to formulate a structure that allows for hardware ports to be connected to a patch panel at the top of the rack. Then the patch panel establishes a connection to another patch panel via a trunk in the main distribution area.

A crucial component of structured cabling is the MDA. All MACs (moves, additions, and changes) can be made at this position using short patch wires.

The benefits of a structured cabling system

In a structured wiring system, the organization is the key. Some of the benefits of top-notch structured cabling solutions are as follows:

  • Since the movements, additions, and modifications are made inside the MDA rather than by running lengthy patch wires from equipment racks, they are simple to include.
  • The potential for downtime is reduced with a structured wiring system. In an organization, the possibility of human error is drastically reduced.
  • Time savings: port and cabling tracing becomes an easy task with a structured cabling system. This organized, logical approach not only makes changes easier but also saves time.
  • Aesthetics: Never underestimate the looks. A point-to-point approach will not seem as neat as a structured cabling system. A few changes are made to the MDA versus the software; the hardware can be cabled up and, in most instances, cannot be touched up. This allows the cable in front to be aesthetically pleasing.

The risks of not switching over to a structured cabling system

There are some risks associated with a structured cabling system.


Mistakes are frequent in unorganised, disorganised cabling infrastructure. It suggests that the wrong plugs are in, or even worse, that the cable may be tangled and in the way. You might try to untangle one cable at a time from a complicated jumble to avoid stressing the other cords. Channel and network failures in the hardware that are challenging to trace might be brought on by stress.


If a point-to-point approach is utilized, the switch’s sides and front are crowded with bulky cables. This impedes the flow of networking cabling that the switch needs to operate. It can translate into underfloor cooling or cable congestion in the space that hinders the flow of the computer air conditioning unit.

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