What Are The Steps To Setting Up A P2P Network?

What Are The Steps To Setting Up A P2P Network?

what is p2p network

A peer-to-peer network helps to set up a folder, document, or file that everyone on the network can access. Understanding what is P2P network is important, and it would be helpful if you wanted to contribute to a common folder from different devices. In short, if you are trying to figure out what is P2P network it means that two individuals can contribute to a shared folder in a project.

After understanding what is P2P network  let us outline the steps for setting it up.

Step 1: Navigate to the desktop

Open the command prompt, and the command cd Desktop> is to be used to change into a desktop directory. The step is simple for convenience so that you are able to locate the folder that you are searching for.

Step 2: Create your folder

Use the command “md *folder name*” and ensure it is visible on the desktop. The command md allows you to create a new folder. After typing md, press space and type the name of the folder that you want to create.

Step 3:  After navigating the folder open the properties

The file explorer is to be opened and go to the desktop section. Left-click and then right-click on the folder. The former highlights the folder, and the right-click opens a menu of options.

Step 4: Choose with whom you want to share.

Type “Everyone” and then click “Add.” Once this is done, click “Share” and then proceed to “Advanced Sharing.” The default setting for the folder is read-only. This means that if an individual accesses the folder, they will only be able to view it and not make any changes.

Step 5: Sharing the folder

Press the folder that lets you share the folder and proceed to the permission sections.

Step 6: Permissions

Ensure that you give full control to the people who have access to the shared folder

  • Apply icon is to be clicked and then Press Ok
  • After pressing OK you will proceed to an advanced sharing page. 
  • Once again you need to press Apply and then OK.

Step 7: Open the Control Panel

Navigate into the Control Panel and click on the Network and Internet section.

Step 8: Networking and Sharing

Navigate into the network and sharing section.

Step 9: Advanced Sharing

Navigate into the advanced sharing settings.

Step 10: Choose Home, Work, or Public

There are various settings that need to be changed in both of these options.

Step 11: Select all the options.

There will be many choices, and the ones you should share for work are largely common sense. Make sure that it is easy for anyone to find your gadget.Then you can turn off password-protected sharing.

Step 12: Go into the network

Go to another computer and open File Explorer. The network section is found on the left-hand portion of the screen.

Step 13: Find the Device

The original device is to be found from where the file was shared.

Step 14: Locate the folder that was shared

All the files that were shared from the device are immediately available when you click on it. Because the folder has a green crossroads-like object next to its name, you can determine that it is shared across the network.

To conclude, it is not only about understanding what is P2P network but also having an idea of the steps involved in the process.

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