What Are The Requirements Of The Inspection To Get SIRA Approval?

What Are The Requirements Of The Inspection To Get SIRA Approval?

How can I get Sera approval in Dubai?

Possessing a valid SIRA license makes it easy to find a security job in Dubai. Security companies love to hire candidates who have a SIRA license. Let us discuss how to get SIRA license in Dubai before we get to further details.

What are the requirements for SIRA?

Considering the magnitude of the SIRA license there are some protocols to be followed in obtaining the license. The necessary documents on how to get SIRA license is depicted below

  • Colour photo
  • Passport photocopy
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Emirates ID( for person who are working in Emirates)
  • Certificate of experience
  • Certified trained courses
  • Residency visa copy if you have one
  • CV
  • Fitness certificate

How can I get Sera approval in Dubai?

After understanding what is SIRA license let us figure out the approval process. Every business activity requires some form of document and provision of online submissions in order to obtain the final approval from SIRA on the trade license. Dealing with the entire process in-house can be a difficult task for you. An authorized body will guide you on how to get SIRA license in Dubai in a hassle-free manner.

So, a smart move would be to avail the services of a business consultant who is an expert in this domain and has extensive knowledge about the legal proceedings in the UAE market.

What is SIRA approval?

There are a few activities in Dubai that require external approvals. Suppose you are looking to start a business related to the security agency in Dubai then you need to be aware of how to apply for SIRA license in Dubai.

SIRA stands for Security Industry regulation authority and serves as a governing body that regulates the security industry in the UAE. It works on the values of quality, innovation and sustainability with the aim of making Dubai a safe and secure city. As discussed earlier there are certain businesses in Dubai that require external approvals.

How can I get a SIRA NOC certificate?

After the service provider has completed the configuration and the installation part, for valuation testing you need to get in touch with SIRA. Once they receive the request or be it how to renew SIRA license. a date is set for testing and verification.

At an appointed time, an auditor from the SIRA verification team will log into the customer portal account. The first thing they do after logging is to check the connectivity of SIRA computers network to the customer’s video guard. The auditor checks the correct reporting of the alarms generated by the alarm panels and the connected recorders.

Once the customer’s devices pass all the tests then only SIRA issues a video connectivity certificate. The certificate is mandatory if you are looking to obtain a NOC connection for your site. From the date of issue, the connectivity certificate is valid for a year. SIRA has advocated that each year, the video guard device’s connectivity should be checked. Re-verification is necessary when adding additional linked SIRA video recorders or when an address changes.

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