Types Of UPS Systems To Improve Your Business IT Infrastructure

Types Of UPS Systems To Improve Your Business IT Infrastructure

types of ups systems
types of ups systems

From safeguarding the transfer of critical data during a power outage and ensuring life-saving devices are operational the need for a reliable UPS is inevitable. But how to choose UPS for IT infrastructure can turn out to be a challenging task. In choosing among the types of uninterruptible power supply there are various factors to consider as the unit topology, capacity, monitoring solution and type of power management system holds promise.

How to choose UPS for IT infrastructure to your existing system.

In the choice of a UPS system figuring out how much power your electronic devices utilize in the first place. Among the types of UPS systems with insufficient capacity or runtime capacity will not be able to support your runtime equipment during an outrage. To ensure sufficient protection and account for growth among the types of uninterruptible power supply opt for one with a VA rating which is 15 % greater than the power needed. For properly calculating the guide to interruptible power supplies keep the following pointers in mind.

  • List out the equipment and the devices you are looking to protect
  • The amps and volts for each device are to be listed
  • Multiply amps by volts to determine VA
  • Multiple the VA by the number of pieces of equipment to avail the VA subtotals

The load will determine the types of UPS systems that will be connected you also need to determine the desired runtime. This is the amount of time you want the load to remain operational during a power outage.  In deciding how to choose UPS for IT infrastructure opt for one that has a limited source of power when the utility source is available. However, a few of the UPS models can incorporate additional battery features to increase runtime by minutes or hours.

The choice among the types of uninterruptable power supply

It is important to be aware that the various types of UPS systems are not equal. Rather three levels of topology deliver varying levels of protection.

Double conversion online UPS

It is designed to protect against all common types of power problems the double conversion online UPS supplies consistent clean power by regenerating the power source via a range of conversions. If input power falls outside a preset tolerance, the UPS stops charging the batteries and starts using the storage energy that is provided.

Among the types of uninterruptable power supply double conversion UPS is the ultimate choice for mission-critical applications. The ones involving sensitive equipment, installations where clean power is a critical business requirement, and environments that are prone to dirty power.

Line interactive UPS

It shields the connected devices from power failure among the types of UPS systems used to safeguard enterprise networks and IT applications. One of the major advantages of this topology is that the system compensates for the under-voltage and overvoltage conditions without using the UPS batteries. The UPS converts stored battery power into regulated power in supporting the connected equipment during an outrage.

Stand by UPS

The IT infrastructure services consider this as a passive UPS. This is a stand-by technology that provides the basic level of protection allowing equipment to run off incoming utility power till the point of time it detects a power failure. They enable safe shutdowns so that the data and the equipment are protected. Since this topology is not bound to protect equipment against common power anomalies it is ideally suited for non-critical and less demanding office equipment and power failures.

Consider power and input and output as a guide to uninterruptable power supplies

Another important step in deploying a new UPS system is an examination of your existing critical inlets. It needs to ensure that the current design should be capable of supporting the unit. Before selecting a new power solution many organizations prefer to be part of a site survey where trained professionals review your power requirement. The results of these surveys can be extremely valuable in helping you decide the best form of UPS solution.

Among the importance of UPS in IT infrastructure is a power quality audit. The power supply with these types of devices often generates dangerous harmonics that can overload wiring and create excessive heat. This has an impact on power and results in the failure of motors and drives.

Ensure that the necessary power management is handy

During a power outage, the UPS is entrusted with the task of protecting the connected load during an outrage. Power management software is a component ensuring that the work in progress is preserved and the attached equipment shuts down safely if the outage exceeds the UPS capacity. If the absence of power management software the UPS will be operational till the batteries are depleted and then the load will be dropped.

Apart from that power monitoring is a tool that keeps a watchful eye on the health and status of the UPS. This ensures that the UPS batteries are functioning properly and will be able to provide uninterrupted power when needed. This ensures proactive maintenance that is bound to reduce the risk of UPS failures. Many solutions allow the UPS to be remotely managed and monitored which is of considerable help in geographically dispersed regions. It may be in places where sufficient IT staff may not be present.

Seek professional help

In some cases, turning to professionals is a better way to ensure that all design considerations and critical power requirements have been addressed when implementing a UPS system into an existing infrastructure. The importance of UPS in IT infrastructure holds considerable significance.

The moment you have deployed an UPS system it is imperative that you have the proper staff or service to monitor and maintain the equipment. UPS requires different levels of management and maintenance, the more complex the situation the more important it is to engage with professionally trained and experienced technicians.

 To sum up things. in deciding how to choose UPS for IT infrastructure there are numerous factors to consider.  But the choice of the right company can make the process smooth, you can consider PurpleRock for IT infrastructure service in Dubai, as it is one of the best options for all your UPS needs.


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