Top Wireless Technology Trends in 2023

Top Wireless Technology Trends in 2023

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Based on estimates, global IT spending is expected to reach new heights by the end of 2023. While services and software lead the categories for spending on new Wi-Fi technologies, they are a significant part of the IT enterprise’s backbone. Keeping abreast of the latest wireless technology trends is imperative for organizations in modern times.

But in 2023, it is not the wireless trends that IT companies should adopt; they should rethink how they can build, maintain, and manage the new Wi-Fi technologies. The future of wireless technology is expected to embrace these trends.

Understanding SD-WAN

SD-WAN will continue to rank among the top wireless trends in 2023. By 2030, the SD-WAN market is projected to reach $12 billion, which clearly states that the technological adoption of new WI-FI technologies will continue to rise in 2023.

It makes sense for IT enterprises to adopt it given the exponential increase in cloud-based applications, especially SaaS and IaaS. The traditional WAN was not created for this type of bandwidth and traffic.

Adoption of WI-FI 6 and 6 E

WI-FI 6 and the extension of 6 E have enhanced new wireless tech in terms of speed and latency. While WI-FI 6 has been extensively adopted, the adoption of WI-FI 6 E has been slow, mainly because it is not backwards compatible. So, 2023 will see more adoption of Wi-Fi 6 E as more compatible devices become available.

Though WI-FI 6 has been among the top wireless trends in the last couple of hours, some companies are reluctant to adopt it due to changing work dynamics. One of the advantages of Wi-Fi 6 is device density.

Focus on AI enablement

AI has gone on to become an important aspect of the new wireless technology in recent times. Their usage of network software, particularly for supporting critical networks, is likely to increase as more manufacturers offer AI-powered software for servers, switches, routers, etc.

The focus of AI in networking security has been analytics and security, but it has enormous potential beyond that. AI is the future of wireless networks, as it can detect problems in real-time and resolve them before they become big and result in downtime. Even AI can help enhance the productivity levels of employees.

Ensuring in-stock infrastructure

An overlooked aspect of network management is inventory. The network is only as good as the infrastructure. If one of the components fails and there is no replacement, it would lead to a complete compromise of the entire network. Depending on the size of the enterprise, such blunders can cost millions.

Supply issues in technology started during the epidemic Worldwide closures continue to have an effect on other businesses, including the information technology sector. With the use of the latest wireless technology, enterprises ensure that critical network devices are available at all locations.

Understanding hybrid maintenance

In 2023, IT enterprises will need to evaluate the new wireless technology along with network maintenance. One area where IT organisations fall short is having a solid strategy, which leads to equipment upkeep and gaps.

Such an approach offers more freedom in cost savings as there is no longer a need to rely on third parties to maintain your IT assets. You may use a combination based on your needs.

To conclude, it is essential for businesses to embrace new Wi-Fi technologies so that they align with the latest trends. It is also important from compliance and security points of view, as network threats are becoming more sophisticated. For this reason, employees need to adopt better strategies when it comes to protecting their assets, employees, and customers. This does not include adopting new technology; you need to maintain existing infrastructure and integrate it with new ones.

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