Top 2024 Cybersecurity Trends & Predictions Strategies In UAE

Top 2024 Cybersecurity Trends & Predictions Strategies In UAE

top cybersecurity trends
top cybersecurity trends

Cyber threats and attacks are more complex and sophisticated with newer forms of technology like AI becoming more advanced every passing day. The prediction of Cybersecurity 2024 is to formulate a human firewall that may turn out to be beneficial for an organization. Some of the cyber security trends to watch in 2024 are as follows.

Cloud service attacks among top cybersecurity trends

A rise in the attacks on cloud services means that there will be successful attacks on cloud applications, cloud servers or both. This is going to witness a possibility of loss of services leading to a breach of intellectual and personal property. Interestingly, cybersecurity threats and predictions 2024 indicate that the UK is the most targeted country in the EMEA region and there is a higher possibility of attacks.

Information and collaboration are cybersecurity trends expected in 2024

There is expected to be an increased focus on collaboration and information sharing among the international and national Cybersecurity agencies. There is expected to be a partnership between public and private set up to combat crime. Among the top cybersecurity trends, it would proactively mean detecting and responding to emerging cyber threats.

Legislation on AI

The much-needed legislation on AI will be fruitful in the coming years. Based on the cybersecurity threats and predictions 2024, the laws are vague at the moment leaving them open and subject to abuse by organizations. At the same time, the Dubai International Finance Centre has already made amendments to the Data Protection regulations this coming year. Among the cybersecurity trends to watch in 2024, autonomous and semi-autonomous systems like AI were introduced and applicable from September 1st 2023. Concerning AI this marks the first legislation in the UAE.

Ransomware aims at supply chain services

Ransomware criminal groups are expected to increase the frequency of their criminal attacks. The Prediction of Cybersecurity 2024, indicates that it will be more targeted to disrupt supply chain services and cause damage to organizations all over the world.

The top cybersecurity trends point that cyber resilience will become a priority

Making sure that organizations continue to function despite cyberattacks is the norm. These are the cybersecurity trends expected in 2024, ensuring that such a strategy is of critical importance. Organizations need to lay greater emphasis on nurturing and developing a security culture in an organization. This is one of the popular cybersecurity threats and predictions 2024, leading to the protection of data. It also means that the attacks are quickly detected and reported in the event of one occurring.

Disinformation campaigns leading to extortion schemes

Disinformation campaigns are expected to launch attacks or distract from ongoing attacks. On the dark web, we may expect service offerings, to give rise to information as a form of service. Among the top cybersecurity trends, it may impact the private sector and politics. Disinformation becomes an important tool in the bandwidth of criminals seeking money from legitimate businesses via exhortation schemes.  Among the cybersecurity threats and predictions 2024, the frequency of attacks is expected to increase manifold in the coming years. Attackers are expected to increase the number of deep fakes which includes voice and video.

Privacy by demand among the cybersecurity trends to watch in 2024

Privacy regulations are forcing organizations to adopt and we are expected to see privacy by user experience and design gain traction. Among the cybersecurity strategies 2024, it would mean the user of generative AI in organizations, privacy by demand and ethical considerations that will become existent.

Internal training and AI in the cybersecurity

Most of the IT managers in Dubai believe that their organizations do not have the right process or people in place to be cyber resilient. The yawning gap in shortage is not expected to be filled up any time soon leaving organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks.

The organizations have less choice but to employ less qualified tech workers who will deal with cybercrimes. What they can do is fill in the gaps by training employees across departments to become the human firewall against cyber-attacks. They may use AI for better detection and incident response.

In a nutshell, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, complex and difficult to detect. Among the cybersecurity strategies in 2024, the focus has to be early detection and solving them at the earliest. Employees must tend to keep phishing attacks at the top of their minds and not become complacent.

All this is only possible by recurrent security awareness training and simulated phishing so that the workers know how to detect phishing attacks. They need to report them and protect their organizations in a better way. All this boils down to developing a strong security culture as this is the trend that we are expected to come across organizations build in 2024.


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