Top 10 Reasons to switch to Video Intercom Systems

Top 10 Reasons to switch to Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Systems in Dubai

Upgrading the intercom system in a residential building has become a necessity. The video intercom system for apartments has become the go-to option for property owners for comprehensive package management and enhancing the overall tenant experience. Below are a few reasons why you need to upgrade the video intercom system for home.

Self-guided Contactless Apartment Tour

A video intercom system for the home allows a manager to conduct contactless tours where you do not need to be on site and create a method of secure access. Scheduled access will be provided for a specific period of time.

Physical Security & Surveillance Improve

The security event may harm your building’s reputation and have a detrimental effect on tenancy numbers. An effective multi-unit video intercom system with surveillance procedures that increase tenancy safety and generate confidence in building observation.

Video Communication & Remote Surveillance

A wireless video intercom for apartments streamlines communication in multi-tenant properties. With remote access capabilities, tenants have the capacity to welcome their guests at any time. A video intercom allows visitors to enter without difficulty while providing residents with visual confirmation.

Delivery Management Solution

Delivery management is part of the larger effort to improve the tenant experience. Wireless video intercom serves as a comprehensive delivery management solution, be it packages, food deliveries, etc. Before that, you need to be aware of how to install video intercom system in your home.

Secure Access Point

The video intercom system for apartments allows you to customize every point of security, like the gym or the mailroom. Since every door requires credentials to enter, the onus of control is in the hands of the property manager. Eventually, it turns out to be a safer place for you to reside.

Elevated Tenant Experience

Improvements in delivery and visitor management are bound to reduce the strain on tenants. Their satisfaction levels will significantly increase as a result of secure package handling for tenants.

Emergency Preparedness

The property managers have the responsibility of every owner in the building if there is an emergency. A video intercom system for home allows a property manager to secure who is in the building at what time and which tenant they are likely to visit. It fully delegated accountability to visitor management.

Decrease Outgoing Costs

Modern systems provide the ability to manage access remotely via mobile or unique pins. This means that there is no need to copy new keys and run around the hardware shops. A central cloud-based intercom system can manage visitors at numerous doors or buildings.

Enhances Tenant Retention & Provides Peace Of Mind

It is fair to say that tenant retention is vital. After understanding how to install  video intercom system, the efficiency of the security guards is enhanced. The intercom system provides more control to the tenants by allowing them to refuse or admit visitors. A safe environment along with added conveniences improves tenant retention in the building.

Increase Property Resilience

A resilient intercom system is able to differentiate between business operation continuity and costly interference due to security interference. This is expected to decrease the need for normal operations and reduce the risk of opportunistic threats.

To conclude, the process does not end with the question of how to install video intercom system. If you are intending to replace an intercom video system, you need to find out which one you want to replace.

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