The Era Of ELV Security Systems (CVI, Access Control Systems)

The Era Of ELV Security Systems (CVI, Access Control Systems)

ELV Security Systems

ELV is an acronym for extra low-slung voltage systems. Most of the ELV modules in Dubai are operational on low voltage not exceeding  35 V AC. ELV security has made it easier to have all the must-have systems in a building without interfering with the primary electrical systems. Many IT solutions provide the latest ELV security and include the following electrical systems:


In this era, there is not a single person who does not want to earn quick money. Along with such desires, crimes have increased. Guards will not be able to keep a watch on everything. Hence, surveillance cameras are installed in the interiors and exteriors of the buildings. This is the reason why many organisations resort to the use of CCTV cameras in Dubai. Thousands of cameras are being installed, making Dubai one of the safest cities. When it comes to improving customer strategies, CCTV systems in Dubai have a major role to play.

Gate barriers

Some ELV solution companies in Dubai have done a great job of providing gate barriers with advanced access control systems. Gate barriers provide a viable option to put restrictions on opportunist thefts. In terms of traditional technology, we might need a guard who closes and unlocks a gate throughout the day.  In some cases, he or she has been distracted, and the distraction goes on to create a loophole for the thieves to gain access to the property.

Access control systems

It becomes easy to record the productive hours of employees who are working for your company. Access control systems in Dubai have the ability to track the date and time of entry and exit. Due to the access control system, we are able to incorporate changes by merely looking at the log. It can ban the authorised access of a person too.

Conference rooms with audio-visual systems

Smart conference rooms tend to be more engaging than average conference rooms. Employees are annoyed when they listen to a reciter. Many ELV solution organizations in Dubai endorse a vigorous engagement programme where people use interactive whiteboards and multimedia accessories. Suppose someone does not want to attend the conference in person; they can attend it remotely. The recordings of the conference are to be updated based on past discussions.

Video intercom

ELV solution providers in Dubai offer a quick and easy approach to view who is on the other side of the door without putting ourselves in a situation where an intruder could forcefully enter. It provides a convenient option for checking the door in this manner. In this busy world, nobody wants to waste their precious time looking at doors. The video intercom is a handy device in such cases.

Alarm systems

It is nearly impossible to protect a property 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Numerous alarm systems in Dubai help us control unusual activities. The moment intruders observe that you have an alarm system in your building, they take a backstep. No longer are they interested in targeting your premises, as the possibility of being caught is enormous.

Structured cabling

Structured cabling is a complete wiring system for telecommunication infrastructure in Dubai. It is correct to claim that it is a well-organized type of cabling infrastructure. Below are some of the reasons why you require structured cabling solutions in Dubai.

  • Rapid transmission
  • Less maintenance
  • Due to the organised structure, there is a reduction in downtime.
  • A long-lasting connection that is capable of modern technology
  • Provides quality real-time data and embraces the IoT.

To conclude, there is a challenge in every field. Security systems in Dubai cope with these challenges and put their best foot forward.

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