The Best 10G Storage Solutions For Creative Teams

The Best 10G Storage Solutions For Creative Teams

10G Storage Solutions

Storing and organizing files can be a daunting task. Whether you are a creative professional or just want to easily find your personal files and avoid awkward scrolling, a good storage solution is an effective option. Dropbox is great, but here are the best 10 GB storage solutions for creative teams.

Google Drive

Most people are familiar with this one and for good reason. A free cloud-based alternative to Dropbox called Google Drive lets you save, backup, and transfer information across many devices. Every Google account comes with 15 GB of storage space. Businesses can opt for more storage space using Google Workspace.

Microsoft One Drive

If you are a Microsoft lover, then One Drive is the best solution for you. One Drive has a unique feature among Dropbox alternatives in that you may use your phone to scan physical documents and keep them in your account. With One Drive, you get 1 TB of cloud storage along with data protection.


Sync is one of the Drop Box alternatives that allow you to access your files anytime and from anywhere. With Sync, you obtain end-to-end encryption and 5 GB of storage space. Security features like password protection, access requests, and expiration assessment help keep the file safe.


Box is another type of Dropbox alternative that allows you to upload your files and access them from anywhere. The box allows you to share files when it comes to storage solutions. You may integrate the software with Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps, making it a convenient workflow.


If you require lots of storage, then Mega is a Dropbox alternative for you. Just by signing up, the software gives you 50 GB of storage space. Cloud storage ensures that sensitive files are easily shared, and you may password-protect every link you send and set expiration dates.


This is a better option in terms of looks, as the interface elements are discrete and kept to a minimum. There is also an option to view each folder as a slide show. Direct content backup solutions are available., and it is one of the free storage options with an audio player and an in-built video playlist. The free option generates 10 GB, and there are lifetime subscriptions available.


For Apple freaks, this storage option makes sense, but it is a viable way to store and backup files or images from an iPhone or Mac. The maximum amount of free storage is 5 GB, and additional allocations are fairly priced. This is solely a storage option. There is no obligation to share files outside of Appleā€™s Family Sharing.

Adobe Creative Cloud

A subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud ensures you have access to cloud storage as part of your package. It is not worth buying Adobe Storage for the storage alone, as a photography membership gives you 20 GB. You need to pay more for storage capabilities as high as 10 TB.


Instead of cloud storage, it acts as an online backup. The difference is that it keeps the file safe, rather than shareable and accessible. iDrive provides you with up to 5 GB of storage, and if you require secure backup without the full range of collaboration capabilities, it is an option to consider.


LiveDrive is a cloud storage and online backup solution. You can have an unlimited number of files, as there are solutions for business backup, personal backup, and reseller backup. It makes use of strong encryption to transfer your files.

To conclude, below are the best 10 GB storage solutions for creative teams. The onus is on you to decide what meets your requirements.

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