The Advantages of Using Temporary CCTV for Your Event

The Advantages of Using Temporary CCTV for Your Event

CCTV for events

Utilizing rapid deployment and mobile CCTV systems at temporary events provides a wide range of crowd safety and security benefits. They may work alone or alongside security staff to provide extra eyes on the ground. Below are some of the advantages of using temporary CCTV for your event.

Theft and crime prevention

A visible CCTV presence at your event sends an immediate warning to would-be criminals. Busy events, especially the ones where alcohol is involved, will present criminals with an opportunity for personal property and vehicle theft. A visible CCTV presence sends out a warning that someone is preying on you.

It also assures the guests that you are mindful of their well-being. This in turn enhances the reputation of the event, which everyone is able to enjoy.

Crowd control and traffic management

A major event can draw in thousands of people, posing considerable challenges to crowd control and safety. Rapid deployment of CCTV helps manage any buildup and keeps a watch over the busy areas where people congregate. If emergencies or dangers are spotted, an event organiser is able to take immediate action.

The deployment of CCTV is beneficial for major events as it provides portability. It allows you to position them at hot spots or strategic locations.

Rapid deployment and portability

When you are selecting a CCTV solution for an event, flexibility has to be the most important factor. An event is a temporary occurrence, so a rapid deployment and solution will allow you to deploy cameras in the areas where they are needed the most.

With a range of managed services that include installation, maintenance, video monitoring, and proactive health checks,

The difference between Permanent and Temporary CCTV systems

Permanent CCTVs are a fixed installation, and they will be monitoring a site on a round-the-clock basis. They can be wireless or wired installations that involve a network of one or more cameras at a single location. The video from the cameras is sent to a central recorder, which creates a connection to the Wi-Fi account due to the fixed and immobile nature of this CCTV camera.

A momentary CCTV system, on the other hand, is manned, remote, or for short-term locations. They are going to have units that are remotely operated and possess tamper-proof protection. As they are battery powered, there is no need for any form of manual intervention. The cameras will be on rigs or adjustable strands that can be left in situ for the necessary timespan. They will provide you with the same level of footage, and you will be able to manipulate and use it in the same way as a permanent system. Though the rigs and cameras would be easy to set up as they are designed to be changeable and ideal for short-term use,

The Temporary CCTVs are an ideal solution

The temporary CCTV solutions are ideally suited in the following cases:

  • Locations that are under construction
  • Locations that are temporarily vacant
  • Locations subject to seasonal changes
  • Locations where the operations and buildings change daily
  • The business operations tend to alter. It can be a 24-hour shift or regular hours.
  • Shows, events, and festivals
  • Remote locations where there is no permanent staff but theft or detection of damage requires substations

The temporary CCTV system has to be reliable since it is unmanned and may be subject to harsh weather conditions. So a reliable CCTV system will improve security and safety, which is expected to reduce the working environment and minimise costly false alarms in terms of people called out to deal with these issues.

Other advantages of temporary CCTV include flexibility, rapid deployment, and a cost-effective solution for short-term projects. 

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