Strategies For Safeguarding Devices And Data In Dubai’s IoT Era

Strategies For Safeguarding Devices And Data In Dubai’s IoT Era

internet of things strategy
internet of things strategy

One of the most talked about things in today’s world is IOT, but there remains a cloud of uncertainty on what it means. An Internet of Things strategy is about information technology that can gather information on its own. Often, they can do things with it, resorting to AI that can interpret the information. Data security in IOT can identify patterns and respond quickly in perfect scenarios.

What does the Internet of things strategy imply?

The IOT policy provides a detailed technical definition of IOT. This is referred to as the global infrastructure for the information society. Security and privacy in IOT regulate the provision of IOT services. At the same time, the IOT framework states that it does not apply to IOT connectivity that is the transmission receiving, broadcasting or switching of IOT data over a telecommunications network.

The application of data security in IOT?

The scope of the IOT is broad and it applies to all parties concerned with IOT in the UAE. This includes but is not limited to

Telecommunication service provider

IoT service providers

Uses of IOT services( individuals, businesses and government)

An IOT service provider is any person’s business but it is not limited to IOT network provider platforms or machine-to-machine connectivity providers. An interesting aspect of the Internet of things strategy is that any person or organization operating outside the UAE can manage these services remotely.

What does security in IOT require the IOT service providers to comply?

The IOT framework sets out several compliance considerations for data security in IOT including.


All IOT service providers need to register with TRA and obtain IOT registration services before commencing  IOT services. For IOT service providers providing mission to critical IOT services, there are a few additional requirements as follows

Maintain the records of the subscriber information. This includes the subscribers’ name, address ID, device model, and the registration number

Adhering to the policies and stipulations from the UAE authorities

What would be the case if you fail to comply with security and privacy in IOT?

The IOT framework refers to the UAE telecommunications law. It points to the range of penalties that may be imposed by TRA for a breach of the IOT framework. These include permanently or temporarily suspending the right of a business to provide IOT services

Personal imprisonment of less than 1 year

Fines between AED 50,000- AED 200,000

If there is any breach of the IOT framework it will constitute a breach of the telecommunications law. Data security in IOT lists many actions that will be considered a violation of the provisions. The list includes but is not restricted to the following

Providing services without a license

Non-adherence to defined consent requirements for data processing

Not having up-to-date information on subscribers about mission-critical IOT services.

Non-adherence to data localization requirements

What are things that organizations need to do when it comes to security in IoT?

The introduction of the IOT framework by the UAE reflects a growing trend in the Gulf region in regulating specific sectors of the industry. The module applies to technologies in response to market actions with the perceived customer risks that they pose. Wireless network security solutions in the UAE are recommended to take the following actions.

Take stock of your current IT operations and ensure they are compliant with the IOT framework.

Fully inform yourself about the registration requirements that are set out as part of the IOT procedures. You need to assess whether or not the current or the proposed activities will give rise to any  licensing or registration obligations

It is better that you create a register of the various types of data collected. You have to categorize them based on the categories that are set as it can be open, confidential or secret. Each category of data should be held in law with the relevant localization requirements. This is applicable within the interiors or exteriors of the UAE.

Take note that the IOT framework is likely to be among the similar policies that will merge across the UAE. This is likely to be the case as the region becomes smarter and more connected.

Dubai electronic security center develops Dubai’s internet of things strategy

The development of Dubai IOT security standards is an initiative introduced by the center. It aims to provide entities with a basic set of controls that they will refer to when a new IOT model is applied. The standard is developed in consideration of the diverse range of IOT devices along with their capabilities. Some of the features of data security in IOT are as follows

The standard is expected to be the first of its kind in the world with DESC notifying the absence of recognized  IOT security details. They are known to possess the same level of detail.

A new security certification scheme for the cloud service providers was also introduced

The Dubai IOT security standard covers all the important features from cryptography to authentication, data privacy to physical security according to DESC.

Both IOT and cloud security standards allow the masses to exchange comments and questions with organizers from DESC.

DESC thinks that the new standard for IoT security will enable Dubai to be one of the finest cities in the world. It may lead to IOT security regulations at the city level.

The standards formulated are a part of the Dubai cyber security strategy. They aim to regularly update the standards which will secure the challenges with the UAE.

To conclude according to experts the Internet of Things is expected to add $ 10 to $ 15 trillion to the global economy in the coming years. In October the Dubai IOT system was launched. the strategy aims to build an advanced ecosystem whose aim is to improve the lives of the masses. 

The essence of the strategy is to encourage the government departments to be part of the smart transformation of the Emirates. In the long run, it enables us to achieve the objective of the Smart Dubai Plan 2021 for a paperless government. For such blogs, visit PurpleRock, a leading tech company from Dubai, UAE.


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