Storage Solutions for Media Agencies to Manage Their Backups and Archives

Storage Solutions for Media Agencies to Manage Their Backups and Archives

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Working with a media agency is creative but at the same time a challenging task. With every new client, the creative team is working on something new. One day they are shooting a video, and the next day they are off to promote a new event. The business storage solution is a major problem as they are confronted with a lot on their plate.

Below are some creative tips for media agencies to manage their business storage solution.

After the completion of the client’s project, save everything

For a successful media agency, there is no such thing as former clients. This means that after delivering a project, your work is not over. There is a need to archive everything properly in terms of business storage solutions, as it is not just the layouts or images but all the individual assets created for the project along with the layout.

Even years after a project is over, clients rarely ask for raw video.. If you have kept master copies but are not able to send all the source footage, they may question you on how the content was saved. This could go on to have a significant impact when it comes to their trust in future projects.

Do not use external drives for archiving or backup

If a media agency uses an external backup to archive projects, you are not alone. Creative teams use this form of business storage solution since it is simple. But where they fail is that it could turn out to be a major hassle in the coming days.

Since the external drives are removable, you may end up misplacing them. It is not usual for someone to take an external drive to Word, forget about it, and keep it there. Secondly, external drives can suffer physical damage over time. Even locating clients’ files is like finding a needle in a haystack.

For self-service, access and organize your archive

If you do not require a fully steaming MAM, it is better for you to search for a solution and retrieve files from the archive on your own. It is better that you look out for software that allows you to browse through thumbnails and allows them to search based on metadata. The archive storage should not force you to be available on-site.

Regular tests for archive retrievals and backups

The moment you first set up the backing system, you need to ensure that the business storage solution is properly aligned. There is a possibility that since the last time you checked, a few things would have changed, breaking your backups. Even though the media may be intact but the file formats along with other technologies tend to become obsolete quicker. The only way by which you can ensure success with archived content is to migrate towards a new form of technology.

You may have incorporated another file share that was not part of the initial set-up. The backup business storage solution may have reached its capacity. An operating system or workstation is not compatible with the backup software. Bad things could happen if you do not look into things properly. So, it is necessary to schedule a backup once a month for testing your archives and backups.

Planning for long-term archive media fresh

If the agency has been in the line of business for a considerable number of years, then you would have content stored on the media that is past its expiration date. Drive failures are bound to occur once every 4 years, and the tape starts to degrade after 15 years.

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