Should Small Businesses Rent Laptops Or Buy Them? Which Is The Better Option?

Should Small Businesses Rent Laptops Or Buy Them? Which Is The Better Option?

renting laptops vs buying laptops
renting laptops vs buying laptops

For a business owner, it is on anticipated lines that they would try to obtain maximum value of their money. This ensures higher levels of productivity. If you are thinking along the lines of equipment rental service it is the right time to decide whether you need to buy or rent out one. The reason is that laptop rental services UAE can turn out to be an expensive affair.

Rent laptop for small business- the pros and cons


There are benefits and drawbacks which comes with when you rent laptop for small business.


The pros of laptops on rent

  • Quality assurance- when renting laptops, you can choose from quality refurbished ones that comply with your needs and budget. Just you need to ensure that the laptops are backed by a warranty, so there is no need to worry about replacements or repairs.
  • Cost savings- One of the major benefits of renting a laptop is that it helps businesses save money in the long run. If you are purchasing laptops you need to bear the upfront costs at once. This may turn out to be a major cost if you are planning to purchase multiple laptops at once.
  • Downtime protection- Downtime is bound to occur if you are renting laptops or buying laptops. No matter how you care for your laptop occasional issues are likely to crop up once in a while.
  • Dependable support- renting laptop for small business gives access to customer support. Professional companies are aware that it is an important part of your business and helps you to deal with any problems that arise.
  • Rent to own-  Most of us would want to purchase IT hardwares but do not want to bear the high upfront costs. For instance, with laptops on rent you can do that.


The cons when you rent laptop for small business

  • Limited customization- when you are renting out laptops you are expected to have limited options when it comes to customization. This means you will not be able to incorporate certain features or software that are needed for your business. Though some companies provide customization offers they end up costing a business more.
  • Lack of ownership- when you lease or buy tech equipment a major drawback with the former is that there is a lack of ownership. This may turn out to be a major issue if you feel that you need to keep the laptop after lease.


Buying a laptop- The pros 


Continuing with our discussion about renting laptops vs buying laptops let us figure out the positives of the former

  • A single-time cost- a major benefit of purchasing a laptop is that you need to pay only once. No longer do you need to worry about leasing or renewing it. A major drawback when you rent or buy a laptop, is that buying involves upfront costs.
  • Ownership- When you purchase a laptop you own it upfront. This means that you may do whatever you want that relates to removing or adding software. There is no limitation in any way as there is no need for you to return the laptop.
  • Hassle-free- another benefit in our journey of renting laptops vs buying laptops is that it is much easier if you compare it to the former. There is no need for any form of paperwork and even you do not have to return the laptop after the lease period. The purchase of a laptop allows you to focus on the business rather than thinking about leasing.

The cons of purchasing a laptop

  • High upfront cost- one of the major drawbacks of purchasing a laptop is the high costs upfront. The purchase can turn out to be an expensive task especially if you want the latest models and features. This turns out to be a stumbling block for small businesses or start-ups that do not have a lot of capital.
  • Outdated technology- another drawback when you rent or buy a laptop is that the technology becomes outdated. Each year new laptops enter the market with a variety of features and processors. This means that the laptops you are using currently may become outdated within a few years. With rented laptops you can upgrade them to a latest model as per your needs.

Now comes the final question which is best for your business lease or buy tech equipment? The right answer is dependent upon various factors that include your business needs, budget and long-term goals. But in terms of cost-effectiveness and flexibility if you compare renting laptops vs buying laptops the former appears to be a better choice. No longer there is a need to worry about upfront costs as you can upgrade to a new model at any point in time. A notable feature is that you are not tied up with any particular model of a laptop.


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