Rules and Regulations for SIRA-approved CCTV Systems

Rules and Regulations for SIRA-approved CCTV Systems

sira rules and regulations

The Dubai government always gives priority to the safety and security of the people in the state. SIRA, or Security Industry Regulatory Agency, was established in 2016 to comply with high-end international security standards and devices.

What is SIRA approval?

SIRA rules and regulations serve as a governing authority to maintain safety and security in Dubai. Their aim is to protect lives and welfare by implementing a highly secure system, suggesting new rules, and training the security system. According to SIRA rules for CCTV, the number of providers is 698.

It is necessary to comply with SIRA rules and regulations if you intend to operate in Dubai. To conduct the training sessions and exams, they have their own training facility, known as the Security Cadre Training Centre.

How do I obtain SIRA approval in Dubai?

SIRA has an online portal to apply for the approval of CCTV systems. Ensure before you apply that you are compliant with the latest SIRA rules and regulations. All SIRA-approved security providers can access the portal. First, you need to upload all the details of the system, like the model number, camera name, schematic diagram, IP address, and maintenance agreement, to the online portal. After documentation and installation, you may request an audit from SIRA.

The audit procedure by SIRA

SIRA will designate an auditor to examine the CCTV system following receipt of an audit request. A time for the site audit will be set by the auditors. During the site audit, the auditor will check whether the CCTV system is compliant with the latest SIRA rules for CCTV or not. If the system caters to the SIRA rules, you will obtain a PASS certificate. If not, the auditor will give you a “fail” report and specify the reasons for failure. The report will also suggest changes in how you convert failure into success. The SSP may submit a new application for auditing following the correction of the issues.

The auditor uploads the approved inspection report to an internet portal, and SSP will get a NOC. The business licence or established licence is good for one year.

CCTV camera installation: rules and regulations by SIRA

The SIRA rules for CCTV are as follows:

Visa Cameras

  • They must be coloured and visible.
  • The outdoor cameras must have an IPP66 rating and should be placed in a protective container.
  • The cameras should be manufactured for security purposes and should work for an extended period of time without any interruption.
  • Auto-iris should be used for sites where the lighting varies according to time.
  • SIRA’s latest regulation suggests cameras installed at 4 metres and above must have remote zoom and focus abilities.
  • Cameras fitted with an audio microphone cannot be used until you confer with the SIRA rules and regulations.

Digital cameras

  • Must be coloured, and the resolution must not be less than Full HD 1080P.
  • A variable bit rate needs to be activated, and the fixed rate must not be used or activated without maximum speed limits.

Analogue cameras

  • It must be coloured, and the resolution must not be less than Full HD 1080p on an analogous system.
  • The colour scheme needs to be compatible with the Phase Alternating Line ( PAL) adopted in the UAE.
  • The signal-to-noise ratio should not be less than 48 db.

To sum up, the security industry has become dynamic. To cope with the challenges, it is necessary to install the latest equipment, devices, and gadgets. A top-tier security company understands this aspect, and they suggest the installation of the latest security equipment at the residential and commercial hubs. The ability to watch video footage gives a new dimension to security surveillance. Anti-social elements do not dare step onto the premises if the arrangements are fool proof. Experienced consultants provide the right solutions for your business.

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