Reasons Why You Should Consider Temporary CCTV Monitoring for Your Construction Site

Reasons Why You Should Consider Temporary CCTV Monitoring for Your Construction Site

temporary CCTV monitoring

The role of temporary CCTV is paramount in construction sites. It protects property and people on the construction sites where crime or the risk of accident is elevated. The recurring movement of large or heavy building materials poses a significant risk to site visitors and workers. This is bound to be the case if health and safety considerations are overlooked. Crime poses a threat to the financial stability of an organisation. They incur considerable losses due to theft and vandalism, as criminals are tempted by unfurnished equipment and expensive machinery.

Below are some of the benefits of a temporary CCTV system for your construction business.

Prevents crime from being committed

Construction sites are prone to opportunistic crime as they are unmanned overnight and during weekends. The security at the construction sites is considerably strengthened by the installation of CCTV cameras that can be quickly deployed 

It is backed up by visible warning signs from the thieves targeting your construction site. Should an attempt emerge to steal property or cause damage, police will have access to crucial evidence.

Protects your machinery and assets

Though pricey, construction equipment is not the only thing at risk from theft and vandalism. When unexpectedly available equipment interferes with operations until replacements are available, completion dates are impacted.

CCTV acts as a deterrent to criminals, particularly if cameras are deployed to protect the equipment. Being aware that their every action is monitored, criminals  are not prone to steal any expensive equipment. The security staff can identify threats at an early stage and alert the police of a crime in progress.

Trimming down the guarding costs

In the past, construction sites were protected by security guards who conducted routine sweeps and in between monitored the CCTV, among other responsibilities. This led to a weakness in the security module that the criminals could take advantage of.

The modern temporary CCTV systems are equipped with the latest features, like infrared technology, that offer a comprehensive view of the construction site. Since they are installed with minimum cabling, it is possible to ensure that the most susceptible spots are enclosed. Highly efficient and cost-effective CCTV allows the managers to trim down shielding costs without negotiating on the security front.

Reinforce safety and health procedures

Despite robust safety and health measures, accidents do happen at a construction site. This leads to a rise in the number of accidents every year. When an accident occurs, preventive measures are to be taken so that it does not occur again. CCTV cameras of high quality allow the site managers to review the events leading to accidents so that the weak procedures can be identified, reviewed, and changed.

If there is no CCTV, an accident investigation would rely on the personal records of the staff, who may themselves be unclear about the accident. In short, if safety measures are taken, it may be economical with the truth.

Better insights about the actions of employees are provided

Installation of a temporary CCTV system provides a useful insight into the workers on the construction site. It allows the managers to monitor attendance, punctuality, productivity, and attendance at any given time of the day. With deadlines in the industry tight and disruptions bound to arise due to severe weather, maximising the productivity of the team is vital. At the same time, potential problems in the workplace can be identified and rectified.

To conclude, these are some of the reasons why temporary CCTV monitoring for your construction site may work wonders. There are a lot of companies that specialize in this domain, and you can get in touch with them for their services. Do comprehensive research before you decide to go with a company.

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