Private 5G networks – Reshaping the Telecom Enterprises

Private 5G networks – Reshaping the Telecom Enterprises

Private 5G networks

With the launch of advanced 5 G network user cases, the global 5 G network is expected to explode to $ 36.08 billion. Private 5G networks will embrace new potential areas of growth but lower the barrier for new competitors to enter the market. As they explore the new territory, MNOs will have to decide how to take advantage of this 5G possibility while maintaining and expanding their mobile market share.

The benefits of 5G

Most of the discussion centers around the topic of what is private 5 G network. One needs to be aware that 5 G is not a mere faster version of 4 G. Network slicing and a service-based architecture enabled by 5 G technology enable new capabilities that enable optimised solutions for all businesses across all verticals, including industry 4.0.

The case for 5G Networks

Private 5G Networks are enterprise network that provides dedicated bandwidth and capacity using 5G technology. An enterprise is able to choose from several delivery methods.

  • Truly private with the entire 5G infrastructure( core along with radio access network) deployed at the enterprise premises
  • Hybrid with some workloads employed  along with a semi- private managed service option. Examples are a user plan function. The others are deployed in a remote location.
  • Full control with the aid of a network slicing model from an operator or it may be partially integrated with the public network.

The private networks that started to emerge under 4G are exploring possibilities of expansion to 5G. New cases involving advanced technologies are under development. Private 5G Networks target a host of industries like mining, healthcare, supply chain and manufacturing operations.

The MNOs can partner with system integrators and vendors to implement these networks. They are known to provide dedicated spectrum slices and their know- how to support services with stringent level expectations.

Enterprise customer benefits

Many businesses operate their business capabilities with a combination of hard-wired and  Wi-Fi connection points. They are known to leverage their public mobile networks for their employees’ and visitors’ mobile phones. By overlaying a private 5G network, MNOs can free enterprise customers from the limitations of WI-FI security, range, and stability, as well as hard-wired connections. Below are some of the benefits that private 5G networks provide

  • Control Without the constraints of a private network, the corporation can design, control, and tailor data processing, business processes, or data flow.
  • Security – the organization can set and manage control policies. Controlled access to services in a customized and flexible way with 5G rather than any legacy holdings.
  • Connection speed – with high speed, high capacity, low latency, and application support of 5G millions of devices can be connected.
  • User experience Mobile networks make it possible for workers to go from one place to another without worrying about connectivity concerns. The indoor along with outdoor environment becomes seamless.

The risks for MNOs in 5G network

What are the things MNOs need to watch out for if they shift their resources toward 5G network implementations?

Industry dynamics at multiple level have lowered the barrier for new entrants in the private network space. Many countries along with regulators around the world are making spectrum available for private use at competitive prices. MNOs are not only competing against MNOS for market share in an enterprise connectivity space.

In this new environment MNOS need to be flexible with their approach and this includes pursuing viable business opportunities. In these partnerships MNO is sometimes expected to take the lead whereas in others they would contribute their lead and expertise to a partner with relevant domain experience.

To conclude private 5G networks provide an enormous opportunity for mobile network operators. It opens up a new market and sets the tone for unparalleled future innovation and growth in the connected enterprise space.

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