Optimizing Workspace Connectivity: Structured Cabling Services In Dubai For Offices And Warehouses

Optimizing Workspace Connectivity: Structured Cabling Services In Dubai For Offices And Warehouses

Optimizing Workspace Connectivity Structured Cabling Services in Dubai for Offices and Warehouses


For any organization coming up with a structure cabling service is a mandatory requirement as it is an integral part of the IT network. Most companies in the UAE and Dubai use CAT6 cables for their internal network. Most companies in Dubai use a couple of networks, one for data and another for voice. Data networking ad is basically used for ethernet to enable the IT services with the internet.

Coming to voice cabling, it refers to the voice calls that includes the telephony system networking for your companies. Laying network cables is the first stage of IT setup when it comes to your organization as the provision for structure cabling Dubai has to be decided at the primitive stages of setting up an office. The structure cabling service in Dubai tends to have a dedicated team who are certified in ethernet cabling or fiber cabling.

Fiber cabling is also used by organizations if they are looking to interconnect long-distance network offices. They could choose to connect their service provider to an additional office in certain situations. Structure cabling Dubai companies tend to use indoor fiber cabling to interconnect different offices whereas outdoor shielded fiber cables are being used to connect outdoor distant devices.

Structured cabling solutions in Dubai

Structuring cabling service in Dubai suggests not to be using a single ethernet point where the customer opts for IP telephony as these phones are working on cabling of CAT-6 Structured cabling is how professional companies are currently handling networks in a really neat way.. In order to easily trace them during any network outages, it is necessary for the experts to state the network point from both sides.

Most of these companies resort to fluke testers in testing the compatibility of the network. While IPTV cameras are connected with CAT 6, fluke test cameras, which are also connected with RG 59 cables, must pass in order for the network to be considered healthy.

Why opt for professional companies

It is a beneficial move to avail the services of a professional company as they can design the entire network layout for the corporates and implement the same. They are renowned for having a specialised cabling crew that is capable of implementing any intricate fiber and CAT 6 network topology.

They are known to be dealing in various forms of casting and have been part of numerous government projects in the region of 300 to 500 points. Structure cabling service Dubai companies are pioneers when it comes to designing and deploying an entire network with minimum time and cost. Most of them have dedicated masses who specialize in CAT 6 cabling, fiber cabling etc. They are also using CAT 7 cabling if the customer approves them to do so.

Another advantage of these companies is that they provide you with customer fluke reports to ascertain the health of your network. They are specialized when it comes to doing networks for offices or warehouses. In warehouses, they lay down cables by installing multiple IDF that can be interconnected with fiber cables. This enables the entire warehouse with the network as they use floor and wall trunking to manage the cables and floor walls.

When it comes to the server end side, they use cable ties, cable manager and well crow ties. Multiple shades are being used in these cables to categorize the network aesthetically. Termination from the user side can be done with the state of art on the wall and also on the desk of the user. Structured cabling management, be it the rearrangement of cables in the data centre and offices is one of the core activities when it comes to structured cabling.

Most of them are known to be doing a free-cost site visit to consult the customer on how to design the network.


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