IT Network Solutions For Better Disaster Recovery In Dubai

IT Network Solutions For Better Disaster Recovery In Dubai

In the last few years, the cost of business outrages has increased considerably. These losses have a major impact where reputational damages and compliance breaches are involved. By developing comprehensive disaster recovery IT outsourcing strategy organizations ensure data availability, minimize downtime and resume business activities quickly following an unexpected loss of data. There are a couple of approaches to disaster recovery, which are traditional in-house and disaster recovery as a service

IT Network Solutions in dubai

Traditional disaster recovery

With traditional disaster recovery, an organization relies on its own infrastructure and resources for handling data protection and recovery sources. An IT network solution company in Dubai invests in specialized resources where an additional data centre is deployed in a separate location to serve as a secondary DR site.

In a conventional DR, you have control over the entire recovery process as the strategy is formulated by the on-premises IT team. The success of an IT network solution company is dependent on the effectiveness of the DR solution. Even staff members’ knowledge on how to create and maintain the best disaster recovery plan for your company matters.

Disaster recovery outsourcing

Disaster recovery IT outsourcing is commonly referred to as DRaas. This is a third-party service provided by specialized service providers. It leverages cloud computing and – premises resources to perform in undertaking a variety of data protection activities that include back-up, failover, replication and failback.

The outsourced IT network solution company in Dubai has a stable pricing policy that makes it easier for small businesses to plan their DR budgets. An operative DRaas company delivers replication infrastructure and back up with an expert IT network solution company that can accomplish challenging tasks. When you have such an integrated approach you will have the time and resources to focus and test your DR plan. This means that your recovery objectives are met.

The benefits of DRaaS

Disaster recovery IT outsourcing may be taken into account as a replacement for conventional DR in some circumstances. Below are some of the key advantages associated with the same

Reduced costs

It is best to make a DR site and invest in a data protection solution. The cost of hiring an experienced IT team and purchasing the required hardware does have a significant impact on the budget of the company. With DR IT outsourcing you may eliminate the unforeseen costs that are available with in-house DR. A third-party vendor typically provides a workable pricing structure where you only pay for the services you really use.

Fast recovery

DRaaS providers can control DR processes and the necessary workflows can be completed remotely. The moment a disaster hits a primary data centre,  critical data can be quickly recovered and within a few clicks important business operations are resumed. A fast and quick recovery translates to minimal downtime and damage to business productivity. This is the ultimate goal of an IT network solution company in Dubai.

Ease of use

From a single interface, an IT network solution company will be able to manage all activities. At the same time, the DR provider handles complex tasks such as maintaining backup of servers, performing data back- and enabling necessary upgrades.

Compliance support

DRaas vendors are known to provide a highly secure backup infrastructure which adheres to regulatory and compliance requirements. This allows an IT network solution company in Dubai to be compliant with the key regulations during a DR event.


DRaaS offerings are highly scalable as they allow you to upgrade your infrastructure capabilities to comply with the changing needs of your business.

Ransomware protection

In the last few years, cybercrimes have become abundant and sophisticated. Businesses that rely on traditional DR methods may find it sophisticated to stay up to date with the latest ransomware and malware. In order to address current and future security risks, DRaaS providers are simultaneously expanding their offers and improving the functionality of their products. Most of the DRaas vendors provide a variety of data protection methods that allows you to meet DR plan of any complexity. It ensures that you meet your specific business needs and ensure ransom recovery.

Organizations big or small can rely on traditional DR, disaster recovery outsourcing or both to ensure data recoverability from an unexpected event. While the online site DR has its own benefits for an IT network solution company in Dubai, it helps you to identify loopholes in your IT infrastructure. Hence an IT network solution company will be able to figure out their requirements before they arrive at a concise decision.

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