How To Set Up Alarm Devices With The EGUARD And VIDEO GUARD Services?

How To Set Up Alarm Devices With The EGUARD And VIDEO GUARD Services?

What is VideoGuard in sira?

SIRA is a security entity initiated in Dubai that is a governmental body concerned with the regulation of the security system in Dubai. It has actively been amending and improving the security systems requirements and regulations within the region. How to get SIRA license is important before you proceed. Video Guard is one of the programs initiated by SIRA to improve security in Dubai. All the programs were introduced in 2018 intersect at the Dubai World Trade Centre

  • Video guard program
  • Smart guard program- on an interactive map the on-duty security guards are monitored.
  • Security Path program- to track vehicles such as money transfer vehicles or safari cars. The program all vehicles to the program using a device that deals with any problems or robberies.

The three programs are part of the project “ Eyes” that tackle crimes in the city aiming to link all security cameras in the city at a single location.

Why Video Guard?

SIRA has started to implement the third initiative termed video guard. The process is as important as how to  apply for SIRA license in Dubai.  The security cameras are monitored in case of malfunctions or problems. The new system is going to communicate to the maintenance company in case of any issues. They can immediately address the problem.

 The program ensures that all the cameras are operating properly and all of this is part of the city-wide monitoring initiative. The program was implemented at the start of the year and is expected to cover security cameras in public buildings or sites. This is expected to serve as an invisible security guard that increases both public and home security.

What is Video guard in SIRA?

Video guard systems are likely to be established at shopping malls, retail buildings amusement parks, financial institutions etc. It is expected to play a major role in CCTV surveillance installation to obtain operational, construction and authority approvals across most of the installations.

When you are choosing a CCTV surveillance solution the Video Guard integration is an absolute consideration. Though there are numerous CCTV manufacturers or products the approval process is strict like how to get SIRA license in Dubai.  Only a handful has been integrated to be able to communicate through the Video Guard platform.

The better piece of news is that all existing installations that do not have a SIRA-compliant registration nor a Video interactable solution will be given a letter of undertaking from SIRA. They would be given a pre-determined timeline to upgrade their system to the latest SIRA regulations. This may end up taking 36 months that is dependent upon the size and amount of restrictions based on the latest inspection report of SIRA.

To conclude, the world of security is constantly changing and innovative companies need to adapt to new circumstances and develop effective solutions for new challenges. Both EGuard and VideoGuard are multipurpose security compliant systems.

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