How To Obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) For SIRA License?

How To Obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) For SIRA License?

How can I get No Objection Certificate?

SIRA is a regulatory body that aims to check whether security firms or individuals are abiding by Dubai laws. Understanding How one can I get No objection certificate is mandatory before you venture into the security domain in Dubai. Hence the security centres in Dubai provide basic training instruction for people who are looking to work as security guards here.

The criteria and protocols in place for SIRA training

After taking stock on how much does NOC cost in Dubai, it is necessary to be aware of who is eligible for SIRA training. To serve as a security officer in Dubai there is a need for a SIRA license. A SIRA will provide a professional security guard certification after having completed a week of training.

Even the security guards in other Emirates must obtain a PSCOD license but the SIRA law is only applicable to Dubai. Hence you need to be informed about How one can I get No objection certificate in Dubai. There are no individual visa restrictions for the license. Anyone with a residence visa can apply for this license. Though there is no upper age limit for participation, the applicants have to be physically and mentally fit. In the UAE the minimum and maximum age for a security guard is 21 years to 55 years. This is true for all SIRA candidates.

What are the fees for SIRA training?

It is not only about How much does NOC cost in Dubai, the training course fees are dependent upon the license. Below is a list of the popular courses and their price tags.


1Security Managers CourseAED 50005days40hrs
2Security Supervisors CourseAED 40004days24hrs
3Security Equipment Engineers CourseAED 50005days40hrs
4Security Equipment Technicians CourseAED 30004days40hrs
5Security Equipment Operators CourseAED 40004days32hrs
6.Foundation Course of Security GuardsAED 10005days40hrs
7.Event’s Guards CourseAED 5501days8hrs
8Security Systems OperatorAED 30003days18hrs
8Basic Life support Training (First Aid)AED 2101days8hrs

The training course fees have to be submitted to the SCTC office. The following payment options are available.

  • A cheque with the current date
  • Bank deposit receipt
  • Debit and credit cards are accepted.

How to obtain NOC for SIRA license

The Dubai government has formulated a law that provides precise inputs on How one can I get No objection certificate for trade licenses.  It is mandatory for all buildings and warehouses to install CCTV surveillance systems. The new buildings have to submit CCTV design draws before permission is provided by Dubai municipality. The CCTV drawings stamped by a SIRA-approved company are only accepted by Dubai municipality. Before you proceed there is a need to be aware How much does NOC cost in Dubai.

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