How To Obtain A SIRA Video Guard Connectivity Certificate?

How To Obtain A SIRA Video Guard Connectivity Certificate?

SIRA Video Guard Connectivity Certificate

A video guard is a device for connecting the electronic surveillance system to Sira’s computer network. A clear idea of how to get SIRA license in Dubai is necessary before we proceed ahead. SIRA is a government agency that caters to all security-related matters in Dubai. It is impossible for companies in specific niches to function without a license.

How can customers get the device?

SIRA sells video guard devices only to their authorized providers and they are the ones who are permitted to install them. Hence all the final users purchase these components from a SIRA authorized provider.

How do you install Video Guard? 

The installation of the video guard requires a physical connection to the internet line and a video recorder. Hence it is better if you place this device near the video recorders. Through short-length cat 6 patch cords it can be connected to the video recorders.

How are SVG drawings necessary?

The site drawings are uploaded to the Video Guard portal that needs to be made available in SVG( Scalable vector graphics) format. How to get SIRA license states it is a fundamental requirement. One of the interesting things about SVG layout is that you may increase or decrease the size without losing out on clarity. Hence these SVG controls enable the SIRA control room to monitor the customer surveillance systems on large screens.

How to get the installation certificate from SIRA?

After the service provider has completed the installation and configuration, it gets in touch with SIRA for verification testing. Upon receiving the request on how to get SIRA license in Dubai it schedules a date for testing and verification.

At the appointed time and date, an auditor from SIRA’s verification team logs into the customer portal account. After logging in the first thing, they check is the connectivity of the customer’s video guard to the computer network of SIRA. The auditor then tests the device for correct reporting of the alarms generated by the connected recorders and alarm panels.

When the customer’s devices pass all the tests, SIRA issues a video guard connectivity certificate. The certificate is essential for obtaining a NOC from SIRA for a particular site. From the date of issue, the connectivity certificate is valid for a year. SIRA requires the connectivity of the video guard device that needs to be certified every year. How to renew SIRA license is important and they require re-verification if new models are connected or even if there is a change of address.

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