How To Get SIRA Approval For Your Business

How To Get SIRA Approval For Your Business

Get SIRA Approval

Dubai is a land of gold, weaving its magic as a business hub for heaps of industries. In addition to the growing demand for firms, the need for technology has also risen rapidly. Currently, technology has become the lifeline of a business. The confidential information of a company, ranging from company formation to profit-making, liquidation, and bearing losses, is stored in the computer systems in the form of a soft copy. As a business owner, you will be aware that the confidential records or information of your company require protection.

There are certain businesses in Dubai that require external approvals. If you wish to launch a firm in Dubai that is associated with the security sector, you will need the Security Industry Regulatory Agency’s approval. Before we get to the SIRA approval and why the approval is required for some businesses to start.

What is SIRA?

SIRA stands for Security Industry Regulatory Authority. It acts as a governing authority in the UAE and promotes the principles of sustainability, quality, innovation, and safety., having the primary objective of ensuring safety in Dubai. So, when it comes to companies established in Dubai, some companies would need outside approval to execute activities.

The approvals provided by SIRA

The SIRA-authorized body provides licenses for the following business categories:

  • Security License Approval
  • Companies Security Services Licenses Approval
  • Individual Service Approval

Security SpecificationCompanies Security LicensesIndividual Services
Event Security GuardManagement Office OnlySecurity Dog Training Centre
Cash-in-Transit GuardPrecious Commodities Store (Merchandise Value Less Than 100,000)Self-Transportation Vehicles Trading
Security GuardPrecious Commodities Store (Merchandise Value More Than 100,000)Preparation of Vehicles for Safe Transport
CCTV OperatorPrecious Metals & Gemstones Trading & ManufacturingSecurity Studies and Consultancies
Security Systems EngineerGold OfficesCentre for Operations and Monitoring Services
Security Systems TechnicianSelf-StoragesSecurity and Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance
Security ConsultantPrecious Metals WarehouseGuard Property Services
Security AuditorMonetary Financial InstitutionsParty Security & Private Guarding Services
Security Manager Security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading
Security Trainer Money & Valuables Transport Services
Security Supervisor Security Control and Measuring Services

How to obtain SIRA approval in Dubai

Every business activity mentioned above requires a different set of documents and the provision of online submissions to get the final approval of SIRA on the trade licence. Dealing with the entire process in-house can be a difficult task for you, as you require the expertise of an authorised body to help you get through the process with ease. So, it is sensible to avail the services of a business consultant who is an expert in this domain and has in-depth knowledge about UAE legal proceedings.

Experience and qualifications are needed for SIRA Dubai

The good news about SIRA courses and vocational courses in the UAE is that you can apply for a tourist visa. It is an added certificate in your job search. In the case of security, you do not require additional qualifications to obtain an entry-level job. But to obtain a higher licence, you require experience.

Professions like CCTV operator, security manager, and security operator require you to have security experience to obtain a license. Though you can start off with a SIRA security guard license, The security industry in the UAE requires you to be medically fit, and you need to be in the age bracket of 21 years to 55 years. You can apply for a SIRA on a tourist visa if you fall into this age range and are in good physical shape.

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