How to Choose the Best Smart Locks for Your Office

How to Choose the Best Smart Locks for Your Office

smart locks for lockers

Being a business owner, the security of the employees and commercial property is a top concern. Technological innovations contribute state-of-the-art mechanisms to maintain premier safety and security. Commercial smart locks for lockers are the most in-demand amenity among tenants today, both for convenience and dependability.

The best part about smart locks for lockers is that they eliminate the need for brass keys. Rather, they empower tenants to unlock doors using PIN codes or mobile devices.

What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is formulated from quality materials to ensure its strength, durability, and application adhere to strict protocols and guidelines. So, when you are choosing a smart lock for your business, consider the lock’s grade and where it would be installed.

The workings of a smart lock

Once you install a smart lock, tenants have the liberty to open the door without using a key or a key card. The process for unlocking doors with smart locks is as follows:

  •  You will download the necessary mobile app or generate a special PIN number after the cell phones are installed.
  • Visitors can display their access credentials at the entryway. They will be using their smartphone or entering a pin to unlock the door.
  • If the credentials are correct, the system will automatically unlock the door. The deadbolt will release, and the door will open.
  • When the door closes, the smart lock returns to the locked position.

Some smart locks for lockers will have a keyhole that allows you to use a traditional key in the event of a power outage or an emergency. Regardless of the type of smart lock that you choose, it will require a power connection like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The features of the popular smart locks

With plenty of smart locker locks for lockers available on the market, it is difficult to choose one. There are a few features that you would require in a commercial lock system. You need to check all the boxes that help narrow down your search. Some of the features of smart locks are as follows:

Cloud-based management

Choose a smart lock that can be managed on the cloud. This means that you and your employees do not need to come to the site. Rather, you can log on to the online dashboard whenever access credentials need to be updated.

You can be sure that cloud-based smart locks are always using the most recent version because they execute automatic software upgrades. This makes sure that when flaws or problems develop, the smart locks will fix themselves.

Proptech integrations

A smartphone app connects to the majority of smart locks; some have greater integration capabilities than others. Select a system that works in tandem with other Proptech components installed throughout the building, such as the front-end intercom or smart lighting. In this manner, all the building processes can be managed from a single hub.

When integrated, the smart lock could trigger other smart devices and activate automatic actions like turning on and off the lights.

Multiple ways to unlock doors

Smart locks eliminate the need for physical keys by operating on smartphones. But what happens when your hands are full or the phone is dead?

For this reason, you would require a commercial smart lock system that supports multiple ways to unlock doors.

To conclude, smart locks are electronic locksets that operate without a traditional key. You can connect smart locks to smartphones via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave technology.

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