How Much Does A SIRA NOC Inspection Cost In Dubai?

How Much Does A SIRA NOC Inspection Cost In Dubai?

How much does NOC cost in Dubai?

SIRA is referred to as the Security Industry Regulatory Agency. The Dubai government introduced it as an independent agency in the Emirates. It is a government authority responsible for regulating Dubai’s security industry, whose aim is to make the city a safe and secure hub. SIRA operates on the principles of innovation, security, and quality to make Dubai safe.

If you are planning to set up a business or company related to the security industry in Dubai, then Security Industry Regulatory Agency Approval is a must. Dubai happens to be an architectural hub where everyone wishes to start their own business.

More about SIRA

The security industry in the UAE has grown in recent years due to the booming economy of the country and the increasing international reputation of Dubai as a safe and secure place to live. The UAE is the hub of many international organisations and businesses, and the number of private companies operating in the country has increased to comply with the increased security requirements.

The main objective of SIRA is to regulate and supervise the functions of the private security industry in Dubai. This may include standards for the training and licencing of security personnel or businesses that employ them. SIRA extends support to the professional development of the security industry. They ensure that private security companies operate professionally and ethically in Dubai.

How can I get a SIRA NOC certificate?

The security industry in the UAE is regulated by a number of local and federal laws. SIRA is the prime regulatory body that regulates the security industry in the UAE. The onus is on SIRA to issue licences to private security companies and individuals working in the security industry in the UAE. They also develop and implement policies and regulations and educate and train on security policies.

The documents required for a SIRA NOC certificate are

  • Trade licence
  • Copy of EID

The steps for implementing the service are

  • Sending all the required documents via email to
  • Review of the application by SIRA for approval
  • Payment through payment-relevant channels
  • Availing of the service

How much does a NOC cost in Dubai?

The fees are as follows: (

  1. Service charges: AED 100.
  2. Knowledge Dirham: AED 10
  3. Innovation Dirham: AED 10

How long is the SIRA certificate valid?

The SIRA certificate or licence is valid for one year in Dubai. Overall, the UAE security industry regulatory agency is responsible for overseeing and regulating the security industry in Dubai. Though there are some challenges that need to be addressed, like improving training and communication among the various agencies, SIRA is working overtime to improve the security industry. Always opt for a company well versed in SIRA regulations, as they will ensure that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

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