Fortinet Firewalls: A Simplified Security Solution

Fortinet Firewalls: A Simplified Security Solution

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If security is important to you at an effective price point, then the Fortinet firewall has to be part of your evaluation. The firewalls of Fortinet provide ample security measures at a pivotal price point. This has made them a popular firewall vendor and, on the enterprise, a frequent short lister. The Fortinet firewall is backed up with high ratings in the NSS lab tests, where the firewalls are rated for performance, value, and security effectiveness.

Company and product description

The company Fortinet had its inception in the year 2000. They went on to launch its first Fortinet firewall in 2002. They went on to launch its first Fortinet firewall in 2002, and in 2009, it completed its first IPO. For data carriers and distributed or enterprise offices, the company provides network security appliances.

The next generation of Fortinet firewall provides deep visibility, high performance, and multi-layered security for end-to-end protection across the enterprise network. The purpose of built-in security processors is to deliver low latency and scalable performance. Updates on threat information are provided by Fortinet Labs’ security services, coupled with automatic mitigation. The firewalls work with the rest of the Fortinet security equipment. For the cloud, data centre, application, endpoint network, and access layer, along with third-party solutions. They are operating on the Fortinet operating system.


  • Security along with performance: NSS labs have tested the FortiGate NEE and provided it with 99.3% security effectiveness ratings, which are only behind the other products of Forcepoint tested. The performance was strong (6,753 MHPS).
  • Implementation: It is rated as very good. Users have given their thumbs up to the integration and relatively easy implementation.
  • Management is also rated as good. Reporting obtains high marks, as the users have reported that the product is easy to use. Centralized and cloud management are the areas for improvement. Other reports indicate that the graphical interface of Forti OS would make it an easy tool to use. Such a perception is true if you are going to use the appliance at a limited level. Though it is going to create a false sense of confidence in using something that is complex.
  • Support is also good. If there is no vendor support, the customers would be dependent upon the quality of the channel partner.
  • Cloud features are good, and Fortinet has left its competitors behind in the market. Due to its recent offerings for Google Cloud and AWS, the company is gaining ground in the market.
  • Value: NSS Labs has gone on to provide Fortinet at a $ 2 TCO per protected Mbps, which is the best value among all the products the firm has tested.


The Fortinet firewall leverages data analytics from FortiAnalyzer and machine learning threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs. It is also integrated with Forti Sandbox to automatically generate local threat intelligence. This is going to secure it against a new zero-day, or an advanced threat.


The options include hardware appliances that are managed on-premises. Apart from that, virtual machine cloud( public, private, and hybrid) along with security on service.


Eventually, it is the price point that gives Fortinet Firewall a definite advantage. Beginning at roughly $500, entry-level hardware appliances can cost up to $3,50,000 for high-end enterprise models like the 7060 E. With pricing, the base price for hardware goes along with services that include the subscription services of Fortinet. In addition, it includes the support services of the company as well. The services or hardware can be purchased individually or in bundled form. Cloud offerings and virtual machines end up following a similar pricing model.

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