Endpoint Security Vs. Antivirus: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Endpoint Security Vs. Antivirus: Which Is Better For Your Business?

endpoint security vs endpoint antivirus

People are aware that cyber-attacks are able to inflict considerable damage, yet often their organization is impervious to cyber-attacks. But the organization be it small or big could be a target for cyber-crime. One of the most common attacks is tricking users into clicking on a malicious link or exploiting a flaw in an out-of-date application. If an organization is not able to stop these threats it may cause reputational and financial damage.

Antivirus vs. endpoint security solutions

When you compare endpoint security vs. endpoint antivirus, it is easy to confuse both types of cyber protection for your firm. Antivirus as most of us are aware is formulated and defends devices against viruses, adware, ransomware, spyware etc. If your device already uses antivirus then you will be aware of antivirus vs. endpoint security solutions.

Fortunately, there are many options available in the market, so it is more likely that one meets the exact specifications. Determining the organization’s requirements may be difficult as many solutions are available.

Before we figure out the differences between endpoint security vs antivirus software it is necessary to understand about them. This will give you an idea about the exact solution that your business requires.

What is antivirus software?

Antivirus is a security software which detects, prevents and eliminates malware. Currently, the majority of antivirus software provides a variety of security features. Presently the majority of endpoint security solution provides a variety of security features. Antivirus is often considered an endpoint of security that operates in the background.

What is endpoint security?

Endpoint security is a term used interchangeably with endpoint security solution, which intends to defend the entire commercial network from destructive attacks. It is known to protect all endpoints including servers, workstations, mobile devices and IoT. Through the expertise of an endpoint security solution administrators can schedule the deployment of any new software, patches or updates across all devices.

Endpoint security vs. Endpoint virus- Which is the right solution for your needs

When you compare endpoint security vs. antivirus solutions, it may turn out to be completely security platforms appearing to provide capacity to more than two systems. The greater capabilities do not imply one system is superior to any other in your firm. It all is dependent upon your organization’s size and needs either an endpoint security vs. endpoint antivirus may suffice. Below is a formula that will give you an idea about the modules that you require.

Number of users

The ability to safeguard multiple devices from a centralised hub is a significant advantage of endpoint security. But only if a few people use inter-connected gadgets, then antivirus software will be of help. This may be true if your employees are tech-savvy and you need to rely on them to keep your systems updated.

Employees working from home

Security software may turn out to be useful if workers are working in multiple places or working from home. Even if there are no employees, the distance between them may make it difficult to control the devices in future. Endpoint security vs. antivirus software allows the system administrator, to access the device and remotely solve staffing difficulties.

Information value

If there is any possibility that someone may steal your company’s information or gain access to your company‚Äôs device, a comprehensive security solution is advised. Internal attacks pose a major risk to enterprises.

In these cases, antivirus software is ineffective. Endpoint protection software is required to protect the information from people who are closest to it.

To conclude even if you want to protect multiple devices then you need to consider an endpoint security solution. Once you understand the major difference between endpoint security vs antivirus software the next step as part of your security journey is selecting the solution.

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