Differences Between Cloud-based And On-Premises Networking Solutions In Dubai

Differences Between Cloud-based And On-Premises Networking Solutions In Dubai

benefits of cloud vs on premise
benefits of cloud vs on premise

In the domain of technology, the deployment of IT infrastructure and applications has undergone a major transformation in the last few years. With the benefits of cloud vs on-premise emerging organizations have an option of moving over to the cloud. But with this, there is a need to understand the difference between cloud networks and on-premise networks so that a proper choice can be made. Cloud vs on-premise comparison chart clearly indicates that there are different terms that are used interchangeably.  Figuring out the pros and cons between cloud and on-premise does help.

The definition of on-premise

Before we get to the premise vs cloud differences, we need to understand the definition of on-premise. The software that is installed on the customer’s own hardware in their own data center is referred to as on-premise. One of the major differences between cloud networks and on-premise networks is that the latter is licensed. This means that the client has to pay a fee upfront in order to own and install it on their own servers.

The premise vs cloud difference specifies that the on-premise computer assets are entirely owned by the business and require a considerable capital investment to deploy. In spite of the cloud vs. on-premise comparison, most modern-day businesses tend to have on-premise systems in place.

What is cloud?

Cloud is a network of computers housed on the Internet used in cloud computing to store, manage, and process data. Before we get to the details it is better to understand on-premises vs cloud pros and cons.  Businesses are likely to obtain these services on demand and pay for only what they want. This works out to be one of the major benefits of cloud vs. on-premise.

Premise vs cloud differences

Cloud vs on-premise comparison presents some interesting facts

IT resources

In the cloud, the network solution company handles upgrades which eliminates the need for internal resources. With – on-premises internal system administrator and IT support are required for upgrades.

Software investment

A license fee along with a monthly recurring payment is necessary for the cloud.  The difference between cloud and on-premise networks is that an extra 25 % of costs are incurred for maintenance and support apart from the license charge.

Mobile access

For the cloud mobile access is available. On the other hand, mobile access for on-premise may not be possible always.


Cloud is usually easy to configure rather than being customized. In-depth customization and integration are possible with on-premise.

Control over corporate data

Among the differences between cloud networks and on-premise network, this tends to be the most important. With the cloud, you need to trust the third parties with data and local control of corporate data on-premise occurs.

Cloud vs on-premise comparison- Pros and cons of on-premise

On-premise uses the infrastructure of the physical location of your business to manage your data. Coming to the advantages of on-premise


Operates without internet

If you evaluate premise vs cloud differences one of the major advantages of on-premise is that users will be able to access data without an internet connection. Despite the fact a major chunk of the business tends to rely on the internet in doing business there is a general feeling that a loss of connection may lead to a drop in productivity levels.

Provides great security

Cloud vs on-premise comparison chart indicates that the security levels improve manifold with on-premise. They are available from the outdoors of the network as they are not maintaining the data online. Among the on-premises vs cloud pros and cons that this has to be the major advantage of the cloud


Additional IT assistance is required

If you want to maintain on-premise storage, you may require additional IT staff to maintain your servers. This may require you to hire additional staff or empower your staff to spend more time maintaining the servers.

Increase maintenance costs

Cloud vs on-premise cost comparison indicates that you need to incur additional costs with on-premise. It is quite common for hardware to malfunction and require additional investment. You may also need to upgrade your investment which is going to take place once a year

On-premises vs cloud pros and cons


An overview of the cloud

All of us are aware that cloud computing is a popular technology. Below are some of the benefits of cloud vs on-premise

Low-cost computer for users

One of the financial benefits of cloud computing is that all the processing takes place on the computer and not on the local computer. No longer do you need to be using powerful computers or expensive equipment in order to do cloud computing.

Better performance

Users are not going to face any delays when turning on and off their computers as no files or programs are loaded on the PC. Even the internal network is operational more quickly as there is not going to be any internal traffic. This is one of the major benefits of cloud vs. on-premise.


Internet connection is a must

If your internet connection is down you cannot work. Since there is a need of the internet to connect to the cloud PC you will be able to do so if none of them is there.

Low-speed connections are not recommended

On-premises vs cloud pros and cons suggest that cloud speed connections are a definite no. It is for the simple reason that the download capacity requires considerable bandwidth.

The data stored may not be secure

Information is stored and saved on the cloud. However, the location and security aspects of the cloud may not be known. Users who have confidential data may have these queries that clearly outline what is the difference between cloud network and an on-premise network.

To conclude a concise idea of the pros and cons of cloud and on-premise would have emerged. The process of choosing a vendor or deployment strategy is just as difficult as implementing a software system for running your business.

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