Common Mistakes To Avoid During CCTV Installation

Common Mistakes To Avoid During CCTV Installation

Mistakes to Avoid During CCTV Installation

A modern and robust CCTV system is imperative for any workplace, especially service and retail workspaces. Proper surveillance by cameras acts as a deterrent for possible criminal behaviour. This may be of vital assistance to authorities in the event of any issues leading to an effective and quick solution that protects the business from major disruption.

But even the best CCTV system is rendered ineffective and useless if it is not placed correctly. Below are some of the common placement issues that compromise the security system’s surveillance capabilities.

The wrong height

If you set the security cameras too close to the ground, the scope of what the camera collects will be limited. You primarily want to capture faces and upper bodies inside the office, as well as a full image of cars with licence plates outside the business, such as parking lots. On the other hand, placing the cameras too high will most likely expose them to the elements. The best location is determined by the weather. More so with the angle and the range it captures, along with the reasons for the surveillance.

The wrong spot

The spot that faces the camera should not restrict its view. There are things like branches, curtains, or possible furniture that restrict the camera view that must be taken into account for the place where the camera is mounted.

Cameras facing each other

Often, it is necessary to use one camera to cover the area that needs to be surveyed. A common mistake is that the cameras face each other and get caught up in each other’s scope. It may lead to a distortion of images by catching the infrared rays of the other. Ensure that the angle of the placement is such that it does not happen.

The choice of the wrong camera

The rise in popularity of the camera could lead to a compromise in the CCTV system if few or inappropriate choices of camera are selected. An example is that PTZ cameras could face threats and are harder to guess in terms of their scope and career angles, which are becoming popular. In some cases, they are chosen as a solution instead of regular cameras. This means that a single PTZ camera accomplishes the work that two or three routine cameras are doing. Sometimes this may not happen, and as a result, the CCTV system is weak and is not able to perform its task to perfection.

However, in a few cases, strategic use of several regular cameras may lead to a more robust system in comparison to PTZ cameras. Hence, choosing the right camera for your workplace needs is important. A professional company will provide you with full support when it comes to the proper choice of a camera for surveillance requirements. Their expert specialists and technicians ensure that you get the best value for the money you need. It should not mean a one-off system, which is what your premises may require.

Low or strong lighting

You need to take workplace lighting into consideration. A lot of lighting makes the captured images hard to discern, whereas less lighting could point to the same problem. If the workplace lighting is too low or too high, then the workplace lighting you choose must be able to handle and adjust that accordingly.

The selection of a suitable CCTV system is critical for powerful surveillance that makes dealing with illicit property simple. It is done professionally and without much disruption while deterring crimes of opportunity. The choice of the correct system and proper installation are also important.

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