Boost Your Corporate Cyber Security With These Ransomware And Malware-Fighting Tips

Boost Your Corporate Cyber Security With These Ransomware And Malware-Fighting Tips

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The world is connected more deeply than ever. The internet has gone on to connect people and organisations worldwide using a single network. Though this has made communication and collaboration easy, it poses a considerable threat to organisational security.

Cyberattacks can thwart the operations of an enterprise. Even the number of cyberattacks involving malware has been increasing at an exponential pace. You may be wondering whether it is the present or the future of your business. Malware attacks not only hamper your operations but pose a considerable threat to your business’s growth.

Widespread impact of ransomware and malware attacks

Statistics indicate that a data breach involving malware, ransomware, or a trojan can cost a business $3.6 million. This staggering figure may force you to explore network security protection solutions in Dubai. Before you take this step, it is better to have a fair understanding of malware and the manner in which you may prevent malware attacks on your business.

Fighting potential threats and mitigating the malware risk

Every type of malware has a specific purpose. You may require the expertise of an agile partner providing security consulting services in Dubai. They help you combat the growing risk of malware in recent times. Though there are ways by which you can train your employees to take imminent steps to mitigate the growing risk, Below are a few steps to strengthen your cyber-security endeavours.

Stop using outdated security products

One of the mistakes that organisations end up making is using outdated products that have serious security loopholes. Ensure that all your security audit systems are audited periodically, and remove software that is rarely used. Legacy software can serve as an entry point for malware to enter your system and infect your precious data.

Adoption of best email security practices

People are drafting emails more than ever. All of us are aware that emails are a crucial part of our daily operations. But you would be surprised to figure out that emails are the best sources for spreading malware. It is important that you educate your workforce about the latest and best email security practices. You may also enforce some security standards that prevent users from downloading files or attachments from a suspicious link or an unknown sender.

Formulation of a centralized tech support policy

Malware spreaders and hackers have been getting in touch with the desks of employees, asking them to provide remote access. They pose as your company’s tech support and tell employees that there is a security issue. To ensure that your staff does not fall into this trap, have a centralised IT tech support policy. Workshops have to be a regular feature involving your IT teams and other employees. These workshops train the employees to distinguish the farce from the real.

Track enterprise-wide internet activity

Educate employees on using company systems to access only authorized websites. At the same time, having a monitoring system helps you understand how the internet is being used in your office. Employees may be using the system for their personal tasks and could end up downloading a malicious file on the company system. Also, it is of considerable importance that your employees understand the fundamentals of the security system. Ask them not to input any information on websites that are not SSL-protected. You may need the expertise of a professional network security expert in Dubai.

Virus protection is to be updated regularly

An outdated antivirus on your computer is a strict no, as the reasons are unattainable. Make it a point that the anti-virus is up-to-date. There are numerous anti-virus companies in Dubai that offer protection from viruses. You may get in touch with them and have complete peace of mind when it comes to cyber-security measures.

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