Best 7 Types of Surveillance CCTV Cameras [2024 Update]

Best 7 Types of Surveillance CCTV Cameras [2024 Update]

In the modern world, security is of topmost importance. With the incidence of anti-social activities and thefts security cannot be compromised at any juncture. The types of surveillance cameras may provide us with complete peace of mind being aware that we are being watched if something goes wrong.

Taking into consideration how many types of surveillance cameras are there the onus is on you to decide which one suits you the best. There are different types of CCTV cameras and you need to decide which one suits your needs. Let us explore the various types of CCTV cameras before we arrive at a decision.

The different types of CCTV cameras

Bullet CCTV camera types

The design of the CCTV camera is easily recognizable. They are cylindrical and the type of cameras CCTV can cover a considerable distance. Since these cameras are frequently used outside their shells are designed to withstand water, dust, and grime. Some of the benefits of these CCTV camera types are as follows

  • Offenders are deterred by high-visibility
  • In difficult situations, they are dirt-resistant
  • Paves the way for long-distance observation.
types of cctv cameras
Bullet CCTV Camera

Drone CCTV camera types

The name is derived from the dome-shaped structure in Dubai. Among the different types of surveillance cameras they turn out to be quite obtrusive but they prevent intrusion by crooks. The reason is that the drome coating obscures the camera’s direction of travel. For possible thieves or vandals coming from all directions, this formulates a degree of uncertainty. The benefits of the different types of CCTV cameras are

  • Due to the design, it is easy to install
  • Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • The camera rotates 360 degrees which allows you to cover various perspectives.

types of cctv cameras
Drone CCTV Camera

Day-night types of CCTV cameras

Among the various types of surveillance cameras, it has the benefit of operating in a variety of lighting conditions from dim to bright. The surveillance camera does not require illuminators since it can capture footage at night and dark. These types of CCTV cameras are suitable for outdoor surveillance where infrared cameras are not effective. The benefits are

  • Even in low light clear recording is possible
  • They frequently shoot in color and even black and white
  • For external monitoring, the case of the camera protects it from various elements.
types of cctv cameras
Day-Night CCTV Camera

Infrared CCTV camera types

As the name indicates these cameras are designed to work in complete darkness. With the aid of infrared technology, they do this. If you analyse how many types of surveillance cameras are there this turns out to be the most expensive. It is for the simple reason that nighttime recording is critical for the security of a business. The best part about these types of camera CCTV is that they provide a seamless form of installation.

  • During the course of the day, an infrared cut filter is activated to clear visuals in dim light
  • Even in the presence of dust, smoke, or fog, it is possible to capture photos
  • During the course of the day, it captures images and at night it captures black and white images
types of cctv cameras
Infrared CCTV Camera

Wireless types of CCTV cameras

Are these cameras linked to the internet or not? IP-based cameras are not found in every wireless CCTV. An alternative wireless transmission mode may be used by some wireless cameras. But regardless of the transmission technique, the main benefit of these devices is their installation flexibility.

  • Installing a CCTV camera is much easier than you think
  • A less intrusive element  with a neat and discrete look
  • All the images are broadcast through the internet and it can be viewed from any location.
types of cctv cameras
Wireless CCTV Camera

C- Mount Camera

C- Mount Detachable lenses may be used on security lens Dubai for a variety of reasons. This CCTV camera can record images up to 35 feet away. If you want to monitor beyond this range with camera with a specific type of lens can be of help. To fine-tune focus on distance and an angle of vision of a van icon it is possible to zoom in and zoom out without losing focus. The benefits are 

  • Special lens with the ability to cover over 40 feet of distance
  •  Among the types of surveillance cameras, it acquires variable zoom
types of cctv cameras
C-Mount Camera

PTZ cameras

The cameras may be zoomed tilted or panned. It allows the surveillance operator to move the lens by moving, titling and zooming. Such types of cameras can be manually operated or programmed with the aid of superior sensitive zones. It works out to be beneficial where live monitoring is essential since they are controllable by live controls

  • These cameras include optical zoom which allows you to zoom in on specific subjects.
  • The 360-degree field of vision is provided by the pan and tilt function
  • The image quality is excellent allowing face characteristics to be visible
  • The security camera system has complete control over the footage and has the ability to react to live situations.
PTZ Camera

These are the types of surveillance cameras that you can come across in the market. Be it a single camera or a group of cameras as part of the comprehensive security system a wide range of services for the businesses that use them. They are mainly used for detection, access control, surveillance and facility management among other things.  It is better to avail of the services of a professional CCTV installation company in Dubai as most of them provide you with a free obligation quote.

Most of the companies conduct a series of surveys and also provide end-to-end camera maintenance services among the different types of CCTV cameras for your business.

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