Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks Firewall Comparison

Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks Firewall Comparison

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The best available options should be taken into account when making an investment in firewall protection. A firewall in network security is one of the most viable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to organizational resources. Microsoft Azure and Palo Alto are the top products for firewall security.

Any cloud platform can be set up to use Azure Firewall because it is inexpensive and packed with useful capabilities. Palo Alto Networks can be a tad expensive compared to the visibility in terms of security, but it is worth it. A detailed evaluation of both firewall in network security enables you to decide which is best among them.

The Portfolio of Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks

Azure offers a cloud-native, stateful intelligent firewall in network security with protection and full visibility. This goes on to effectively strengthen the business’s security posture. The capabilities are high for maintaining strict security that may be scaled as per the requirements of the users.

Palo Alto Network has developed machine learning that can maximize network security and minimize downtime. It is one of the most trusted firewalls in the industry. Palo Alto’s firewall solutions are made to adapt to the changing demands and needs of the business.

The partners of Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks

Azure has partnered with top organizations and developed a power channel that helps it reach markets and customers worldwide. Palo Alto Network has engaged with the top companies worldwide to deliver intelligent and interoperable solutions for enhanced business security.

User cases of Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks

Azure has multiple cases that simplify firewall in network security management. For example, the Azure web application firewall helps protect applications from malicious attacks and security vulnerabilities. There is the latest pre-configured rule for improved performance and enhanced security.

The Palo Alto network has different use cases. It is known to provide AWS protection and unparalleled simplicity. They turn out to be resilient firewall resources that may easily scale with network traffic and meet unpredictable output needs with no maintenance requirements.

Recognition of Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks

Azure Firewall is a product of Microsoft, which is among the Fortune 500 companies in the world. Every year, the company spends about $1 billion on cybersecurity research and development. It has more certifications than any other cloud provider and has more than 3500 security specialists on staff.

Palo Alto Network, on the other hand, is a 10-time leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for network firewalls. Based on the Cyber Rating Organization report, the NGFW solution has received an AAA rating.

Ratings of Azure vs. Palo Alto Networks

Azure has a Gartner Peer Insights rating of four stars. Due to its complex characteristics, such as unlimited cloud scalability, which can adapt to changing network flows, users find it to be a cost-effective choice. On the same platform, Palo Alto has a rating of 4.6.

As far as the trust radius is concerned, Azure Firewall scores 7.5 out of 10, and Palo Alto Network scores 9.6 out of 10. Users feel that Azure can work with the council and add some relevant and useful security features. It does not provide layer 7 protection like its peers. Users feel that Palo Alto Network is a bit complicated due to its extreme level of complexity. It should also work on improving the service and support to help clients resolve their issues faster.

The Bottom Line

Azure Firewall meets compliance requirements and industry-level standards with a good network for small and medium-sized organizations. The main benefit is that it is cost-effective and easy to maintain, so it trims down the operational costs.

Palo Alto Network Solutions provides zero-trust implementation, eradicating all security loopholes. It provides a unified platform that can effectively integrate capabilities within an organization.

Both Palo Alto and Azure firewall options are great solutions when it comes to network security.

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