All-in-ONE Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

All-in-ONE Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

An all-in-one licence-free wireless solution incorporates all the packing capabilities required by an enterprise-grade wireless solution in one comprehensive box.

Hybrid gateway controller

The fusion design of the WHG gateway regulator allows the positioning of the system as an access control system and, for AP management, as a WLAN controller. Once you deploy it in the data path, the WHG is a place to reinforce user policies like bandwidth, firewall policies, and QOS. It is expected to perform traditional gateway functions like NAT, DHCP, and traffic isolation.

All-in-ONE wireless gateway

By comparing it to traditional Wi-Fi deployments, which consist of access points and a Wi-Fi controller, the all-in-one wireless gateway is designed for small enterprises like coffee shops and restaurants. Though it is similar to functionality, it provides the advantage of hotspot functionality such as user authentication or guest WI-FI.

WI-FI performance management

For public and enterprise WI-FI deployments, reliable performance is an important aspect to consider. From dynamic channel selection to client filtering thresholds, the access points are available with all the features that IT administrators require to potentially reduce downtime and ensure smooth access to WI-FI.

Centralized AP management

For any organisation or enterprise, a challenge confronting today’s mobile-centric network is how to maintain, deploy, and secure a WI-FI network in a simple and cost-effective way. All these concerns are addressed by providing an AP management interface along with intelligent network management.

The important features of an all-in-ONE Wi-Fi hotspot solution

Below is a summary of the features of an all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot solution.

User data collection

Business owners are able to obtain valuable guest data in the form of name, email ID, and mobile number. It would be saved in the internal memory of the hotspot gateway. With the information obtained, business owners are able to better comprehend their aim audience and optimise product offerings and promotional programs. This would lead to an increase in effective campaigns and increased revenue.

Demographics and social media login

Social media integration for effective customer insights and marketing. The guests are easily able to log in to Wi-Fi using their Open id account and Facebook. It does allow the business to collect basic profile information such as gender, location, and birthday.

Billing plans

Once you limit WI-FI access by time or duration, venue owners will be able to maintain open seats for new customers. For tiered WI-FI service, multiple plans can be enabled. This goes on to specify different uses, quotas, or network access privileges. It can be available in the form of a tablet-based billing selection plan, providing a separate interface for the guests.

No recurring licenses

The All-in-one Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution is known to provide an all-in-one license. There are no recurring licences or modules when it comes to any functionality. Most of them are available with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime free firmware update.

Detailed user logs and reports

With rising security standards in both public and Wi-Fi deployments, WLAN systems must be capable of tracking all economic activities.. The WI-FI solution provides an all-in-one network solution with a complete set of logs and interfaces from the monitoring enterprise.

Secure user authentication

Organizations and enterprises need to have complete visibility of their WI-FI users on the network in order to prevent intruders or ward off any identity theft. The captive portals tend to be fully customized for web-based authentication for the visitors, ensuring proper identification before granting access to the network users.

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