Advantages Of IT Structure Cabling And Fiber Optic Cabling

Advantages Of IT Structure Cabling And Fiber Optic Cabling

Most of us have heard the IT structure cabling before, but not sure what it is. Structure cabling may seem to be an expensive and daunting project but it is one of the best investments that you can make for your business. If there is no structured cabling in place, the business could be at risk. Network outages, data loss and security breaches may occur when you have an unprepared infrastructure in place.

If you want your business to have reliable fiber optic cabling and a future-proof communications system then you need to ensure that the structured cabling system is up to par. It is always better to avail the expertise of a professional IT structure cabling company that ensures that the business has the best infrastructure possible.

advantages of IT structure cabling

The working of fiber optics cabling

Fibre optics cabling is necessary for the future of telecom but no one is aware of the evident reasons. They are necessary to keep up with the ever-growing demand for bandwidth. Not only they are going to make internet and long-distance calls cheaper they extend the scope of internet coverage to various places.

Networking has undergone a revolution thanks to optical fibre technologies. Currently, many types of structure cabling are used in every home, office, and business. This makes it possible for devices connected to several networks to communicate with one another quickly and with little interference.

Fiber optical cabling is so advanced, that it can be used on an advanced level in comparison to copper wires. The superior flexibility and bandwidth make it an excellent choice for networks with high-quality data needs. More so they are found in research facilities or large universities where the number of companies is increasing rapidly. At the same time, there is bound to be a shortage on the power front.

Fiber optics use light rather than electrical signals to transfer data and it is one of the reasons why they achieve high speeds. They are known to contain dozens of optical fibres that have fast-travelling pulses of light travelling through them enabling their signal to go further without any attenuation.

Fiber optic cabling relies upon another layer known as cladding which surrounds the inner core. With the light set aside, it may go farther without deteriorating or developing weak points. Due to simple interruption by outside forces, the light may smudge out at the corners.

Fiber optics and it’s advantages

Fibre optics as a form of IT structure cabling provides definite advantages. They are known to have high bandwidth and capacity. A single fibre is able to carry data up to 10 times faster in comparison to an older cable which makes them ideal for today’s high bandwidth networks. Additionally, they reduce the need for pricey signal boosters, which are only necessary in wired communication. A reason for the same is that light travels without any interruption and it means less interference as well.

Structured cabling and its benefits

An IT structure cabling system provides a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure for businesses, organizations and government institutions to transmit data, or voice signals through the internet.


A structure cabling system has a higher degree of simplicity when it comes to straightforwardness when it comes to your organization. Most business tends to use different IT equipment or services at the same time. The fact is simple employing a single IT system reduces the complexity associated with deploying multiple systems

Less downtime

Since structure cabling ensures organization, it is easy to solve problems arising due to connectivity issues. When using different wire infrastructure, it is possible that you will have to spend a lot of time figuring out which cable was the culprit. This may reduce productivity since workers will have to wait until network troubleshooting is complete. With these types of structure cabling these problems are solved before it escalates into something major.


Structured cabling comes with superior levels of adaptability. With higher bandwidth, the system is able to support future applications that may be introduced in the business. It can be in the form of video conferencing or multimedia without interrupting the current system. As a result, you can be sure that your cabling system won’t become obsolete in the future.

Enhanced flexibility

An IT structure cabling system has a high degree of flexibility. It is able to quickly accommodate any changes or moves in an easy way. This ensures that the business encounters better performance which leads to an increase in business growth. It also reduces the time taken during the installation process as well as increases adaptability towards network infrastructure changes. All this makes it easy to relocate to a new office.

To conclude a structured cabling system is important for any business telecommunications infrastructure. By ensuring that your cable is up to date and properly installed you ensure that we minimize the risk of data loss, security breaches and network outrages. You may get in touch with a professional company for free consultation.

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