5 Security Benefits of IT Penetration Testing

5 Security Benefits of IT Penetration Testing

benefits of penetration testing

IT penetration testing could prevent persistent hacking by identifying the security holes and protecting your network. There are benefits of penetration testing, as it exposes a system to a modern-day hacker. Sadly, many companies do believe that they are protected against any malicious cyber threats without any evidence to back up their claims.

For this reason, penetration testing is a useful tool to uncover and patch hidden weak points in your system before a hacker is able to exploit them. Before stepping ahead, let us take stock of the benefits of penetration testing in detail.

Reveals System Vulnerabilities

Pen tests indicate weaknesses in your target environment. You will receive a report at the conclusion of the test detailing all the problematic access points in your network along with recommendations for hardware or software changes you might need to improve your security. The pen test starts with high-risk vulnerabilities and then moves over to medium- and low-risk ones.

The results and benefits of penetration testing vary according to the skills of the white-hat hackers. So, if you are looking for a company offering penetration testing services, opt for seasoned experts.

Showcases Hacker Methods

The main goal of a pen-test attacker is to stimulate a real attack on a system by replicating a real hacker. Once they identify vulnerabilities, they are able to exploit them just like a real hacker would. This gives you an idea of what parts of the system you need to improve.

Tests your ability to respond to a Real Cyber Threat

If you know about the hackers’ methods, then you may devise a strategy for shutting them out of the system. The moment white-hat hackers penetrate your system, you need to deploy your defences and consider it a real threat.

If you fail to stop them, they will penetrate deeper into your system, as you have quantifiable proof of how a hacker will infiltrate an organisation. With the information available, you may devise strategies for stopping and evicting them the moment they are detected.

Highlight problems in your current IT spending

Once you are able to discover the weaknesses in your existing IT infrastructure, you gain insights into the current security module. It gives you an idea of how it can be modified, amplified, and optimised.

You may prepare your system to handle every threat imaginable and put stronger IT security policies and management practices in place by conducting an IT penetration test.

Develops Trust with your Customers

Any form of a data breach may cause customers to lose trust in your business. They may stop doing business with you. IT penetration tests would not allow you to lose customers’ trust or patronage.

The Process of Undertaking IT Penetration Testing

By now, you are aware of the benefits of penetration testing, and you can opt for the DIY approach that entails.

  • Obtaining information about your organisation
  • scanning the network or your website for vulnerabilities.
  • Cashing in on those vulnerabilities to gain access to the system
  • Generation of detailed data reports about any stimulated breaches.

These tests should be carried out by IT specialists who are knowledgeable about the most recent techniques, best practises, and cutting-edge abilities needed to accomplish trustworthy IT penetration testing. Instead, they can create their own team and carry out these tests by themselves. 

It is better to avail yourself of the services of a professional IT company that has a team of IT experts. The professionals would have already conducted thousands of tests for their clients. They would have helped them secure the systems against real-world threats. Availing of the services of these companies will enable you to save thousands of dollars. Apart from that, you will be able to streamline the penetration process.

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