5 Networking Trends That Will Transform Networking Solutions in 2023

5 Networking Trends That Will Transform Networking Solutions in 2023

Networking Trends

In 2023, the network is expected to play a pivotal role in digital transformation initiatives. The expectation is that more enterprises will invest time and resources in transforming their existing networks. Despite the fact that 2022 was full of hurdles and exceeded expectations owing to dynamically changing conditions, 2023 promises to be the year of execution. Here are a few networking trends that are expected to transform network solutions in 2023.

Huge emphasis on network modernization

The network plays an important role in every digital initiative, so we anticipate that organisations would place a high priority on network modernisation. Many businesses still use legacy network infrastructure, which limits the network’s capacity to deliver what the business requires. Enterprises are embracing distributed, hybrid work environments with various linked devices   Despite the investments, only two out of five businesses are satisfied with their current network capabilities. This has paved the way for a new era of network modernization, with a chunk of executives trusting it to achieve business growth.

Enterprises are expected to leverage the control of automation

With increasing digitalization, the demands on the network have grown exponentially. Network automation helps improve efficiency and agility while reducing errors and lowering costs. This accelerates the pace of providing new services with the ability to locate the root cause of network issues. Experts are of the opinion that by 2025, 25% of enterprises will automate half of their network activities. This is a reported increase from 8% of the enterprises in early 2022.

The focus on improving network security will increase

With a distributed hybrid network model presenting far more opportunities than malicious actors, the importance of network security is a major component of network architecture. This has inspired organisations to choose a centralised cloud security model along with a managed endpoint security model. Even so, it would increase their investments in network cyber security. Almost 90% of firms feel that strengthening security and compliance is difficult to implement across IT and network operations.

The preference for the network as a service model will reach new heights

Respondents reported that the above costs are for modernization and security. This takes into consideration the full access level of services from the provider. More than 90% of senior executives favour the network as a service model for network management. They highlight the ability to scale up and down as a significant benefit. We anticipate that the network as a service model will significantly expand by 2023.

The momentum of outsourcing will accelerate

Despite the fact that 86% of enterprises continue to buy networks in silos or by default from an incumbent service provider. Though the general perception is that 9 out of 10 people would prefer to outsource their network to a single managed provider, They would be providing end-to-end solutions. A few of them have already made the leap. We anticipate a significant increase in outsourcing momentum as the pace of digital transformation activities accelerates.

To conclude, the network is no longer a static piece of hardware but is being looked at as a platform for innovation. Each and every organization aims to leverage digital capabilities by embracing network innovation.

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