10 Network Security Threats Everyone Should Know

10 Network Security Threats Everyone Should Know

network security threats

Most of our daily activities and operations are automated and available for use on the internet. In the past, it has been brought to light how security breaches have had a major impact on organizations. Today we are focusing our attention on the basics of the types of network security threats of which everyone should be aware.

Computer Virus

Most of us have heard about them and have our reservations. For an everyday computer user, it is one of the common network security threats that they need to encounter. Statistics indicate that 33 percent of household computers are infected with some form of malware, and among them, half are viruses.

Rogue Security Software

It is malicious software that misleads users into thinking they have network security threats. It may be in the form of a computer virus installed on your computer, or the security measures are not up to date. They will ask you to download the programme to remove the alleged viruses or to pay for the tool.

Trojan Horse

It means tricking someone into inviting an attacker into a protected area. In computer terminology, a Trojan is software that tricks the user into running it willingly behind a legitimate programme. They often spread via email, as you can receive an email from someone you do not know.

Spyware and Adware

Adware means any software that keeps track of your browsing habits and, based on that, displays pop-ups and advertisements. The presence of adware on your computer is only noticeable during the pop-ups, and in some cases, it may slow down your computer and internet connection speed. Spyware works similarly to adware, and it is considered one of the major network security threats. Even without your knowledge, it is installed on your computer.

Computer Worms

A computer worm is a malicious programme that multiplies quickly and spreads from one computer to another. A worm from an infected computer spreads by sending itself to all the computer contacts and then immediately to the contacts of the other computers. Interesting, they are not designed to cause harm but they are just made to spread

DOS and DDOS Attacks

In a DOS attack, a malicious traffic overload occurs when attackers flood a website with traffic. The moment a website has a lot of traffic, it is not able to serve content to its visitors. A DDOS attack is similar to a DOS attack but is more forceful. This is a form of network security threat that is difficult to overcome.


A method of social engineering with the objective of obtaining sensitive information like passwords, bank details, etc. A malicious link that installs malware on the recipient’s machine is deceived into being clicked by the recipient.


It is a collection of software tools enabling administration-level and remote-control access over a computer or computer devices. The moment remote access is obtained, the rootkit is able to perform a number of malicious actions. They are installed by hiding in legitimate software.

SQL Injection Attack

A SQL injection attack is designed to target data-driven applications by exploiting vulnerabilities in the application software. With malicious code, they obtain private data, alter it, and destroy it. It has gone on to become one of the major concerns in network security threats leading to data confidentiality.

MIM Attacks

Men in the middle attacks are cyber security attacks that allow an attacker to target communication between two parties. It is able to facilitate normal communication, which otherwise should have been private.

To sum up things, it is a challenge to keep track of the network security threats out there, with new ones always adding up. There is no full assurance that the system cannot be penetrated by a cyberattack. It is suggested that you keep your systems as secure as possible.

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