Voice Solutions

Voice Solutions

Voice Solutions

Purple Rock’s voice solutions are designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and outperform your competition while providing your organization with maximum efficiency. Our team can assist you in upgrading your IT infrastructure and showcase the advantages of having one of Dubai’s most reputable IT companies by your side.

Partner with the Leading Voice Solutions Provider in Dubai

Purple Rock is a renowned IT company, specializing in voice assistant solutions that serves clients in Dubai, UAE, and beyond. We offer a range of services, including voice bot solutions and voice AI solutions to help businesses of all sizes maximize their operational efficacy. Our team of experienced professionals is prepared to meet all your technical requirements.

We follow a customer-centric approach that has enabled us to fully understand the urgent and important business needs of our clients and come up with satisfying tech-based solutions to address them. Moreover, we are a company, committed to delivering high-quality services and cutting-edge technology to help our clients outshine their competition.

So if you are looking for a way to optimize your operational effectiveness and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology, we can help you. Check out our wide range of services and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Does Your Organization Need Voice Solutions?

In our experience, any business and organization can benefit from Voice Solutions. The only question is choosing the right services that allow you to communicate with your customers, employees, and partners more efficiently while helping you showcase a professional image of your brand. Here are some of the services we offer:

Voice for Teams

Voice for Teams is a cloud-based IT solution that allows your team members to establish an efficient and easy-to-access communication channel through voice calls. This solution is typically used to unify highly diverse interaction methods in organizations that rely on teamwork.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most popular voice assistant solutions that transfers all your communication data over the Internet rather than phone lines or other traditional methods. VoIP has replaced other methods mostly due to its significant cost efficiency as well as flexibility and scalability which allows for local integration and upgrades.

Business Mobility

Business mobility solutions are primarily designed to increase your operational flexibility. For instance, some of our services are used for organizations or teams that have members in various locations in order to keep them connected and provide easy access to company data, communication tools, and all the resources required to improve employee productivity.

SIP Trunks

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is a voice-over-Internet Protocol technology and streaming media service that serves as a viable alternative to traditional telephone networks. SIP Trunks will save you a lot of time and money in the long run which makes them an ideal solution for business use.

Contact Centre

A contact center solution is an advanced customer management service that helps organizations establish an effective relationship with their customers and stakeholders. Contact center solutions might include various features like call routing, automatic call distribution, and intelligent routing, depending on the type of interaction you prefer to have with clients.


Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solution is a multiline telephone system typically used in business environments which includes features like call routing, voicemail, and conference calling to set up an easy to manage platform for internal communications as well as all the interactions with potential and existing customers.

Voice Recording

Voice recording solutions are some of the simplest, yet significant tools for organizations. Many businesses use these services to provide quality assurance, keep track of their employee’s performance, or even curate relevant material for further employee training. 

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Our Purple Rock experts have years of experience in providing voice solutions in Dubai. We pride ourselves on being one of the best voice solutions companies in Dubai offering high-level performance at an affordable price for all small and large companies. Just get in touch, and let’s get started!

Voice Solutions

What Do You Get with Purple Rock Voice Traffic Management?

Purple Rock Voice Traffic Management is a comprehensive business package designed for brands and businesses across various industries. Here are some of the key features of our service:

Competitive Pricing Model

Following a customer-centric approach, we have always designed our services to be of the highest value you can get for your money. Our voice traffic management solutions are no exception. We help you get all the benefits of voice assistant solutions and reach your organizational objectives without breaking the bank.

Flexible, Transparent Pricing

Purple Rock provides flexible, transparent pricing which allows you to modify your voice solutions and manage your costs more efficiently. Moreover, there is a wide range of options available, ensuring any organization -no matter how big or small- can benefit from our tech-based solutions.

Future-proof Technology

Another common feature of our services is their technological edge. We help you leverage the latest tech-based innovations to outshine the competition and keep your advantage over the market.

Increased Traffic Security

Today most businesses are at risk of digital security threats. At Purple Rock, we understand the importance of protecting your brand credibility and critical business data and we’ll help you design a plan to protect your voice traffic. 

24/7 Customer Support

Finally, if you ever faced a technical problem or needed a professional technician to keep your networks up and running, you can count on us. We offer 24/7 customer support to ensure that you will have whatever they need.

Benefits of Voice Solutions in Business

Voice solutions offer a variety of exceptional benefits for businesses and organizations across various industries, including:

Empower your employees

A voice-automated system can always be a great addition to your organization, improving the level of collaboration and communication and creating a better environment for your team members to work together.

Boost productivity

The voice-automated system can also enhance employees’ productivity, helping them perform their tasks more efficiently and allocate their spare time to work on new projects.


If you want to showcase a professional image of your organization, then you should consider opting for voice assistant solutions. Features such as auto-attendants and call routing not only allow you to respond to customers faster but also indicate your concern about offering a better user experience.


Voice solutions can easily be integrated within your current business setup and IT infrastructure. Moreover, if you decide to grow your business or launch a new operation, this level of flexibility helps you overcome the challenges of transitioning into a new setting.

Faster support

A voice automated system often comes with a customer support plan that will take care of all your needs and technical problems. Moreover, if you need to offer your own customer support service, you can use voice bot solutions and voice AI solutions to guide prospective customers through the conversion journey.

Customer Analytics

We live in an era where information plays a crucial role in business success. Voice solutions are perfect tools for collecting actionable insights about customer behavior and preferences as well as your employees’ performance.

Remote Working

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, voice solutions have become much more popular. The main reason was that they allowed employees to work from home and balance their work and life while maintaining a high rate of productivity and satisfaction.


Compared to every other traditional method of communication and data transfer, voice solutions are far more cost-efficient, allowing business managers to keep their operational expenses at an affordable rate.

Data Security

Last but not least, a voice-automated system can serve as an extra level of security to protect sensitive information, via various tools and practices like encryption and secure login protocols.

Why Choose Purple Rock for Business Voice Solutions in Dubai? 

We’re in the business of providing proven, effective services that get results, not chasing revenue at any cost. As the Top Telecommunications Company, we offer telecom technology solutions and Business Communication Solutions using a team of experts who put quality above all else. What’s best is that this comes with a sensible price tag.

Our Approach

Our relationship with your company allows you access to our professional consultants, who are educated in offering telecom business solutions and Business Communication Solutions and deeply understand what you need. This collaboration will enable you to grow into a high-performing, cost-efficient, modern company. Also, we collaborate with our clients to find innovative operational strategies that use market-available technologies and operating models to boost performance while reducing costs. Through this relationship, we achieve a cheaper cost of ownership and boost quality.

Better Client service

We are a Top Telecommunications Company providing enterprise wifi solutions and business wifi solutions that go above and beyond what is anticipated. In various sectors, we concentrate on the demands and objectives of our customers. Our clients continue to do business with us because we value the trust and build lasting partnerships. Our engineers are professional, committed, and knowledgeable, and they will be eager to answer all of your questions.

Business Expertise

Since we know how important our employees are to the success of our company, we only select the most intelligent, devoted candidates for Purple Rock. We exclusively work with seasoned, qualified professionals that have years of experience. As the best IT telecom solutions company, we often provide ongoing training programs to our experts so they may keep up to date with the newest technologies.

Greater Uptime

It is impossible to quantify the effects of downtime on your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. We know that, and that’s why with our services in telecom business solutions, companies can allow customers to access them and their website with a single click without encountering roadblocks that will prevent them from making purchases and keep them from promoting their products.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Voice solutions are technologies, tools, and practices that allow you to leverage voice communication, typically over the Internet or traditional telephone networks. Voice solutions can widely vary depending on your business objectives, but the most common services include VoIP, PBX systems, contact centers, and voice recording tools.

Integrating voice solutions into your business operations can offer various benefits including improved communication and collaboration, increased productivity, enhanced scalability, cost savings, offering better customer experience, and creating a more efficient platform to work from the comfort of your home. 

Yes, voice solutions can be easily integrated into your current network and combined with other software and systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, helpdesk software, and more. That said, you might want to consider seeking a professional opinion to help you set up a unified platform. 

Every industry that has direct communication with customers or relies on internal communication channels can benefit from voice solutions. Healthcare, finance, education, retail, hospitality, and transportation are only some of the industries that have widely integrated voice assistant solutions into their routine operations.

Theoretically, any digital solution is vulnerable to malicious attacks. That said, voice solutions are designed to offer maximum security and following the best practices combined with professional installation and configuration should give you a great security advantage to mitigate the risk of hacking.

All voice solutions are designed with a unique setup and therefore require specific hardware and software. But most of these services will require a reliable internet connection, specialized software for data management, and specific devices like IP phones or softphones that allow you to install the service.

Voice solutions facilitate customer support by delivering a wide range of exceptional features like interactive voice response (IVR) systems, call routing, and call recording. Keep in mind that while a voice automated system can always be a viable option, you will need a human operator to regularly monitor the performance of your system. 

Each voice solution comes at a different price, depending on the type of services you use, your service provider, and more importantly, the required hardware or software. If you don’t know which service is best for your business, check out our wide range of offerings and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions. 

Voice solutions are typically very easy to use and don’t require intensive training programs. In most cases, reading the user guide and learning about the features and functionality of the solution should be enough to get you started. But you can also ask your service provider to give you all the necessary tips and instructions to help you use it more effectively.

If you are about to choose a voice solutions provider for your business, there are a few factors you should keep in mind. For starters, the provider’s experience and reputation indicate how much you can trust their services. Moreover, learn about the specific features and capabilities of the solution, pricing and contract terms, and make sure you will receive customer support.

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